Had some friends over, good conversation, apocalypic musings, watched Battlestar Galactica, the usual.

Nothing like a few glasses of sangria to get you pontificating in “there are two kinds of people” mode, but I’ll stand by this one:

There are two kinds of people: those who get scarcity and those who don’t. All people who don’t get scarcity are at least a huge pain in the ass. As adults, they’re outright dangerous.

Nancy G5 Pelosi is one of them, along with the majority of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. People who work for the UN, most college professors who don’t work in hard sciences. Most teenagers with indulgent parents.

What does it mean to “get” scarcity?

It means you know that everything costs someone something, and you are mindful of that someone and appreciate what it cost them. You’re proud when you earn your own way because it means you didn’t have to suck part of the life out of someone else to get what you want or need.

The archetypal moron who doesn’t get scarcity is the spoiled American teenager. Pissed off at mom if she bought him a car and now won’t flip him $120 to put gas in it and go out on a date. Annoyed at the military if it wants to fly her wizened time-warped flabby ass home in a 737 instead of a G5.  (I’ve never liked La Pelosi, but this is the final straw. If I ever see her on the streets, I will kick her in the nuts and run.)

Decadent is another word for it. I really do think this is the heart of societal decadence.


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