Boning Your Bonus

So this is what The Congress-critters come up with? We’ll tax excellence at 90% from now on to punish….what?

Nobody’s really sure that the AIG people getting those bonuses didn’t earn them. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know how much they got in salary (could have been small salaries, with most of their compensation based on bonuses).

Given what we know, this could be just like cutting the pay of assembly line workers because Pintos blew up. Or these bonus-getters could all be horrible people. My point is NOBODY KNOWS RIGHT NOW AND THAT’S WHATS WRONG ABOUT LYNCHING. Here’s how you tell if they deserve it or not: How much will it cost if they quit?

Why doesn’t Barney Wank give back his salary? Why doesn’t he work for $1 a year for the rest of his worthless pandering life? Why doesn’t he take the Grassley Challenge? Why doesn’t he resign as the disgrace that he is? Why won’t he apologize for playing tight end for Fannie and Freddie?

I’d cast him as Marie Antoinette, plus-size. Hope things turn out as good for him too.

Why hasn’t Chris Dodd been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail yet? Probably because of too much estrogen in the water.

How stupid are you if you’re at 10 on the outrage meter about the bonuses and at 5 about the bailouts? How stupid do you think they think you are?

If you’re more annoyed at AIG than at Barney and Chrissie and Timmy and Benny and Hankie and Harry and Nancy, then you’re pretty fucking stupid.


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