Rush and Laura

Rush Limbaugh has spent the last couple of days carving up Barack Obama about Teleprompter-gate. This is because at a St. Patrick’s Day party, the guy who was supposed to load the teleprompter mixed up Barack’s speech with the Irish prime minister’s. In the end, Barack ended up reading the PM’s speech including thanking Barack Obama his own self for throwing a bitchin’ STP party.

Rush thinks this proves that Obama just reads what he’s given and has no comprehension of what he’s doing as he’s parrotting what goes across the teleprompter.

Supposedly there’s no videotape, so it’s he said she said. Other people who were there say Barack was having a fine time, riffing off the teleprompter screwup, perhaps fueled by a green beer or two, deliberately reading the wrong speech.

If you’ve read this blog, you know I’m no Obama fanboy. But you have to be a partisan jackass not to bet that Obama was having fun with it. He may not be qualified, but he’s quick.

Rush is being a douche-nozzzle about this. I think he knows that he screwed up and he can’t admit it. When he first got the story, he thought he had Barack doing something Bush-dumb. Then, it turns out Barack is being funny.

But Rush won’t shut up, trying to defend his mistake. I had to turn him off this morning. It was like when one of your kids just keeps digging their own grave. You send them to their room just to make them shut up.

Now comes Laura Ingraham, ridiculously defending herself about calling John McCain’s daughter fat.

Laura is even more asinine than Rush. On her radio program, she was lampooning La McCain’s appearance on The View and made a “plus size” dig at her, while imitating her in a Valley Girl accent. Something like, “and I’m so annoyed that plus size models can’t something or other.”

It was reasonably funny, at least Last Comic Standing first round-worthy.

Since then, Laura’s been pontificating about how she didn’t say McCain’s daughter was fat, but was instead contrasting her with too-skinny models and making deep social commentary and other horseshit that I can’t even remember it’s so boring and dumb.

Point is, Laura Ingraham should either apologize for calling McCain’s daughter fat or say, If you can’t take a joke then fuck you.

Instead she gets horribly angry at anyone who calls her on her obvious bullshit. Everyone in the world gets this except Laura.

I’ll bet Laura knows Rush is FOS on the teleprompter and that Rush knows Laura is FOS on the fat joke. Maybe they should call each other and help each other.

Maybe Ann Coulter can mediate if they can’t muster enough self-awareness on their own.


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