What you don’t know is that they don’t know

Geithner and Obama and Bernanke are guessing.

Perhaps their guesses are more educated than yours. Likely not. And here’s why.

However you stand on how morality should be derived, one of the most important functions of morality is to give you rules of thumb for dealing with complex situations where the long-term outcomes are in doubt. Meaning, most important situations that rational adults must deal with.

Honesty is the best policy. Work more than you’re paid for if you want to get ahead. Don’t shit where you eat. Spend less than you earn, and don’t associate with those who don’t. There are some basic moral principles that the Obama administration honors only in the breach.

The Obama administration is overflowing (like the filthiest toilet in Scotland) with moral midgets. That’s why they’re going to fail and smarts won’t help. Morals reach beyond smartness. Morals are needed because nobody’s smart enough to predict the future and to know what will actually work.

Here’s what the Obamabots are selling: If you don’t do what we say, something really bad will happen. Trust us. We’re being transparent, when if we get around to it. It didn’t work last time but it will this time. If you don’t save those who don’t deserve it, you’ll go down with our ship.

That’s asshole-speak. That’s used car salesman speak. Late night infomercial crap.

They haven’t a fucking clue. And nothing they are saying resonates morally. They don’t just spit on Horatio Alger–they’re trying to rape every one of his boys.

Smart adults with no moral bearings….isn’t how we got into this mess?

Do not believe that because these guys have high IQs that they have significant advantage about predicting the future and dealing with the economy. Were that true, we wouldn’t be in this mess would we?

Have the moral courage and objectivity and real self-esteem to look at that horrible little troll Geithner and say, yeah, I am better than him in every way that counts. Including predicting what we need to do to get out of this mess.

Morally speaking, we need to let those who were insanely greedy and stupid reap the whirlwind. And if they manage to harm the rest of us by doing so, the rest of us need to suck it up for not being smart enough to protect ourselves. We’ll take our lumps because that’s what we do, us people who aren’t like Geithner and who aren’t like our neighbors who took out second mortgages to buy frost king refrigerators and 60″ TVs.

But if we don’t fight back now, we will be raped, and there will be no lube.


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