Cop takes the rap – you read it elsewhere first

Robert Powell, a Dallas cop, stopped a guy for rolling through a red light. The guy turned out to be an NFL player, Ryan Moats. His mother-in-law was dying and he was rushing to the hospital. Powell did the usual cop shtick, and Moats, understandably somewhat agitated, didn’t help the situation any, being a large black man sassing a white cop.

Powell resigned today. Before I started writing this post, I was going to take his side. Based on what Fox news reported, Powell was a little insensitive, perhaps didn’t believe the guy’s story, and decided to take firm control of the situation. Certainly within median cop behavior.

Also, last month, I got a chickenshit ticket from a motorcycle cop trying to make his quota for not coming to a complete stop. I knew I had, and knew it was useless to argue. (I knew I had because I had been watching to let a bicyclist pass me and make the turn at the stop sign before I turned.) The cop could have been confused by the relative motion, whatever. Even if I didn’t make a complete stop, I was under 1mph. Chickenshit ticket any way you look at it. But no reason to put a pipe bomb under a cop car.

So, I thought, from the careless way Fox reported it, that here was another case of a celebrity getting a working stiff fired for an unlucky misdemeanor that looked crappy on rewind.

But before I started typing tonight, I decided to look up some other sources on the Moats story. Here are additional facts not reported by Fox:

  • Moats’ wife and another woman, presumably a relative, were also in the car.
  • The red light was right in front of the hospital.
  • The women were also trying to get the cop to listen to reason.
  • They left the car and ran into the hospital ignoring Powell’s orders to return to the car.
  • Powell’s partner told him that Coats was telling the truth, and still Powell dragged out the stop, just to be a little bitch.

Before I move on to my new point, since it turns out that ex-Officer Powell ruined my original point, I just want to say I hope you get sued, little Bobby Powell. I hope Coats takes a few hundred thousand of that NFL money and gives it to a lawyer whose only mission is to make your life miserable and drain your bank account. If you want to stop that, you better do more than resign. You better buy a Louisville Slugger and a case of KY and head over to the Coats house and show them your new magic trick of being able to make a Louisville Slugger disappear by sitting on it.

Here’s my new point: all of these details I listed make the story much more compelling and interesting. Why didn’t Greta von Facelift report them? It would have made her show much better.

Rewinding her crappy show, watching the video she showed of the dashboard cam, the exact same snip I’m sure she’s been showing for days, I noticed the hospital in the background, but she didn’t even point out that they were damn near in the emergency room bay.

I have two possible theories about this:

Fox wanted to slant the story to make it sound less horrible because they hate black people.

Or they got some video off some feed, got some wire copy, couldn’t get an interview with anyone close to the story, and basically did less research for their story than I did writing this post. They lost interest.

The big bucks media are incredibly lazy and sloppy. They don’t ask obvious questions. They don’t spend 5 minutes trying to get it right. Yes, there are exceptions. Like there are excellent public school teachers.

I’m so sick of supposedly big-budget news organizations reading press releases and showing free video and begging viewers to send in cell phone video and reading news off the internet and showing the same 20 seconds of nothing over and over while tap dancing till someone shovels some real news into their gaping orangutan maws. “Ok, we’re still showing the courthouse steps, expecting at any minute….”

They’re parrots now, only not as pretty. Can’t wait for what’s happened to the newspapers to happen to them.


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