Incredible how we think everyone’s an irresponsible idiot, yet we drive in traffic.

The above line has been sitting in my drafts for a couple of weeks.  Last night, I read email from my daughter. She’d just gotten a cool new job! I called to congratulate her, and it took her about 45 seconds to slow me down and let me know that she was in an ambulance.

A 16 year old in Dad’s Buick (seriously, Dad’s Buick, with Dad in the passenger seat and Grandma on oxygen in the back seat) made a very poor new driver left turn decision. Totaled my daughter’s beloved Impreza. As she said to me today, “That’s the only inanimate object I’ve loved since Kitty!”

Kitty was a stuffed animal I bought her at the Jacob’s Lake gift shop near the north rim of the Grand Canyon when she was barely toddling. Kitty was her constant companion through all childhood misadventures and trials, including a Kitty-napping by a jealous schoolgirl friend. Kitty eventually shuffled off this mortal coil, and is in an urn or a pillow or a jar of formaldehyde now, I can’t remember which. Kitty and Blankie, RIP. Probably in the same pillow.

So she’s fine today, if in mourning for her Impreza, and bruised as hell.

But that truth remains. Every day, we drive at lethal velocities, trusting our lives to people we despise–people we wouldn’t trust to make the right decision about anything else, but we trust them to make split-second right decisions and they trust us and we get home every day.

Once every 11 years, like with my daughter, that trust is violated. But given how stupid you (and I) think most people are, shouldn’t it be every 11 minutes that we get slammed into?


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