Gay Rites

I kind of hate gay people today. Because they’ve made me pay attention to a beauty pageant. Miss America/Universe/Galaxy/Something.

Perez Hilton, who has figured out how to be famous just for being gay got chosen as a beauty pageant judge for girls.

Perez ambushed some blonde chick with a question about whether she supported gay marriage. Deer in the headlights at first, she tried dancing around the question in that incoherent word salad beauty pageant way we’ve all learned to love from YouTube. Then, you could see her at a certain moment just shrug inwardly and think, “Aw, fuck it!”

She switched gears and spoke her limited mind: in essence, she wasn’t raised to believe in Adam and Steve. Not a really logical reason for being against gay marriage, but I give her props for guts and standing up to take her lumps.

Perez and his politically correct judges’ co-whort all marked her down enough to make her lose.  There’s controversy over whether she was really the front runner before this gaffe, but it’s obvious she couldn’t have won after failing to curtsying properly before the Queen.

A while ago, some gay activista did a google maps mashup pinpointing people who contributed to support Prop 8 (the California anti-gay-marriage proposition). How this is fundamentally different from putting Nazi yellow stars in people’s windows, I don’t know. People identified as donors to the Prop 8 cause have been fired after being discovered (political donations are public record–watch out!). How this is different from what most people think of as McCarthyism, I don’t know.

I’m a fundamentally libertarian person. I don’t really care about the gay marriage issue that much, because I don’t have a dog in the fight. But up till now I would have, as a no-brainer, voted for allowing gay marriage.  I wished gays well in their cause.

From now on, I’m voting against gay marriage if it comes up on any ballot I’m filling out. When mainstream gays repudiate this fascist streak that Prop 8 brought out in them, I’ll reconsider.

Gays have made themselves into just one more obnoxious, self-righteous, cranky, can’t-shut-up-about-their-pet-peeves-in-polite-company faction.

Welcome to the TMW bucket.

Great Job, Gays!

Update 2015:  I did vote for gay marriage in Washington state. Don’t regret doing it. But I am sick and fucking tired of most gay people. The majority are either fascists or cowards. I don’t care who you fuck. Fuck you.

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