Trickle Down

My next door neighbor’s wife just got laid off.  She worked part time. She had a nanny-share arrangement with another couple. Now she’s home, no longer needs or can afford the nanny, and the other yuppie couple can’t afford to pay the full freight.

So the nanny just got laid off.  The nanny’s husband got laid off too, several weeks ago.

My neighbors, being smart, hard-working, highly paid people likely–similar to me–have savings and low or no debt. But they’re a lot younger than I am. So having to go through their savings to survive what’s about to hit them won’t hit them as hard as it will me. Still, we’ll all make it through, and we’ll all just end up working longer than we wanted to.

That nanny and her husband don’t have the same cushions– emotional, intellectual, financial, gerontological. I’ll bet they’re in a world of hurt right now. I’m arguing with my wife about staying home and watching movies on our 61″ TV and ordering in instead of spending $150 on a night out.

Obama’s swipes at the “rich”  sideswipe the working poor. As if federal taxes are their biggest problem. This is what comes of electing a President who’s never had to think about the food chain or his privileged position in it.


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