The Race Card

Ganeen Goroffalo or Janeen Girofello or Jamin Horuffalo or whatever the hell her name is has been running around–when she’s not trying to out-uber-bitch Chloe on 24–claiming that we Tea Party types are racists. I’ve seen her say this a few times, but today was the first time I saw her back it up. Her evidence: there was a sign at one of the protests that said, What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

I guess that’s kinda racist. I’m not sure I get it. When I went to the Tea Party in Seattle, I didn’t see many black people. I don’t remember if I saw ANY black people. That’s pretty much how it is on any given day in any given mall in Seattle. I don’t usually notice if there are or are not black people around. Maybe that’s just because I live in Seattle, where we only allow nice black people. That’s a joke, you know, like Wanda Sykes made at the Press Club Dinner. Oh, was that too much?

I didn’t see any signs at the Seattle protest that even Watumean ImaWaterbuffalo could have taken as racist, except the “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot” sign. I’ll defend that sign. My kid sent me that on a coffee cup, because I cracked up so much about it.

Back to the original subject…

I’m sick of the race card. Never ever ever play it on me. I will stick that card so far up your ass after folding it into a ninja star that you’ll have to stand and squirm while trying to pass that card while filing whatever complaint you might want to make against me.

Janeane, I’d be origami-ing right now except I know how much you’d like it.


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