Bristol Palin – Still Abstaining

Abstaining from logic.

Presumably, Bristol got knocked up while on the abstinance plan. So I guess her argument is, had I followed that plan, I wouldn’t be knocked up. Therefore, abstinence works. It just doesn’t work for stupid sluts like me.

Ok, Bristol, your mom probably told you not to run with scissors. What a stupid bitch your mom was. She should have put you on the scissors-abstinence plan. She should have told you never to use scissors, and then there’s no chance you’d ever get hurt from running with them.

The effectiveness of all birth control methods is evaluated not on whether people perfectly implement them, but on how successful at not getting pregnant the people are who report that they intend to implement the method.

Anyhow Bristol Palin got pregnant while using abstinence as her birth control method. So abstinence is  not 100% except in a world where nobody is allowed to grow up and use scissors.

Actually, I don’t have studies to back this, just personal observation, intending to be abstinent is far less effective than any other form of birth control, including using condoms. Both abstinence and condoms are horribly annoying ways to avoid pregnancy.

The religious right is right to ridicule the notion that condom education will significantly slow the spread of AIDS. People who like the kind of sex that causes AIDS aren’t likely to like condoms. Not that the rest of us like condoms either. Condoms suck, and not in a good way.

Condoms suck, teenagers fuck. That pretty much sums up why neither condoms nor abstinence are particularly effective forms of birth control.


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