Barack Obama’s Night Out

Barack took Michelle out for a night on the town. They went to a Broadway show, got a nice hotel in New York. Obama reimbursed the government for their trip, less transportation and security, which probably cost taxpayers a couple of hundred grand.

Every time Barack goes anywhere, the right wing cha-chings.  Barack is green and so he should be traveling around in a bullet-proof Prius and wiping his ass with tree bark.

Maybe this is a good strategy. The right could make the Obamas hunker down in the White House for the next 4 years. If the Obama’s want a change of scenery put a tent out on the East Lawn. And bring Michelle a spade so she can head out into the shrubbery. That would make Rush Limbaugh happy. Ok, it would give me a chuckle too.

What did it cost each time Bush wanted to go to Texas and clear brush? Who cares?

Barack and Michelle deserve a night out, more than now and then. And we should pick up the tab to protect them while they try to have a normal marriage.

Today, I parked next to a car that had this bumper sticker: I’ll respect your president like you respected ours. I actually hung around for 10 minutes, all I had, hoping the owner would come back. I get the sentiment and the resentment. But proving you can be as big a butthead as everyone you think is a butthead is still being a butthead.

I thought, I could reason with this person. I share their anger at the horrible, fascistic, jingoistic, toddler-rules way the left behaved for 8 of the most perilous years America has had. The left was ridiculously, childishly irresponsible in their hatred of George Bush.

And all you people who think we red-state types overreacted to the Dixie Chicks diss of GWB on foreign soil? We under-reacted. If you don’t get that, you’re another teenager-at-heart, courageous because coddled. I don’t mean you’re evil or even stupid, just that you’re not an adult.

Getting back to the right-wing adolescent with the stupid bumper sticker–

How about this instead:  I’ll respect your president though you never respected ours.


2 Responses to Barack Obama’s Night Out

  1. A Dixie Chicks Fan says:

    Wow, the right UNDER-REACTED to the Chicks very correct political opinion?

    Either you’re pretty ignorant of exactly what happened to them 6 years ago and the vicious hatred that still exists, or you don’t understand the definition of “adult”.

    They were banned from radio stations, suffered through horrible personal attacks on websites and message boards and were threatened with their lives.

    Is that kind of response to a political opinion define what being an “adult” is?

    That wouldn’t be something I’d be particulary proud of, or bragging about on message boards.

    THAT seems to me the definition of childish, not being able to respect that different people have different opinions, then wishing that those whose opinions you disagree with should have to suffer as the Chicks did for simply voicing a (correct) political opinion.

  2. Scipio says:

    Has any Dixie Chick had paint thrown on her or had to be protected from an angry mob or otherwise been assaulted because of their stupid grrrl-power bravado?

    No. There was only a verbal and minor market reaction to what they said.

    The Chicks haven’t suffered. They’ve gotten tons of street cred from chi chi liberals who usually despise country music because it doesn’t have enough grey poupon in it. Ooh….what if it turns out this was a calculated marketing maneuver? Which it could. The one kind of conspiracy theory that often turns out true is one involving publicists.

    The right under-reacted because we all recognized our own damn dumb 20-something know-it-all daughter in Natalie Maines.

    Hell, I’ve even bought Dixie Chicks stuff since then. I think they did a lot of good. They did more to popularize “Just Shut Up and Sing” than Linda Ronstadt ever could have. For that, we must thank/forgive Natalie.

    But what you, my dear pissed off “Dixie Chicks Fan” must realize is that what they said was deeply stupid and destructive and gave aid and comfort to our enemies. Yes, our enemies, unless you like wearing a burkha.

    Dim, cute Natalie said: “I’m deeply ashamed our president is from Texas.” And you wonder why Texas radio stations declined to play Dixie Chicks music? Later, they released more dim-bulb sorority girl statements about the Iraq war, confirming every adult’s view of them as over-privileged brats, the kind who think that they’re so cute that they even make self-righteousness cute, who have read 3 books in their entire lives and are thus sure they understand everything better than everyone who isn’t as cute.

    I understand you defending them. There’s a ton to like about them. and people shouldn’t crucify them (last I heard, none of them had bled out on a right-wing cross). But you really should separate your politics from your aesthetics, just a little. I have, and that’s why I listen to the Dixie Chicks–when they sing.

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