Big Lies and the Lying Liars Who Sell Them

I saw Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania, stumping for the stimulus on one of the talking head Sunday shows. He’s got the elevator pitch down:

  • Government must do something to “jump start” the economy.
  • Disaster is certain if government does nothing.
  • Every reasonable person, right or left, and every economist, agrees with the above, it’s just about the details.
  • It doesn’t matter if all of this will mostly help people who don’t deserve it. If we don’t save them, they’ll take the rest of us down with them.

This isn’t just throwing good money after bad. This is:

  • protecting those who deserve to lose everything
  • preventing us from finding out who all those people are
  • not doing a damn thing to help those who in good faith have been seriously screwed already (like ordinary people and their mutual funds that own bank stocks)
  • setting up huge new entitlement obligations that won’t ever go away
  • setting up huge new teat-sucking corrupt constituencies that won’t ever go away
  • teaching the greedy and stupid at all IQ and income levels that they can get away with it

We would be MUCH better off if Rendell, Emmanuel, Little Timmy, and all the other parliamentary whores were dispatched to Circuit City to hand out $10,000 in freshly printed US currency to every third person at random. It’s not just about the amount they’re planning to spend, it’s about who they’ll bless and who they’ll blame.

People (most of them economic ignoramuses) love to blather about “market failures.” Well, if there’s one thing that the market is great at dealing with, it’s failure. Market justice is swift and ruthless. The bailouts are all about preventing justice for those who are “too big to fail.” There’s never been an American administration so blatantly in bed with the fatcats as this one. The market didn’t fail here. The asshats in Washington have prevented the market from meting out its usual justice to their friends.

And most liberals have proven they’re nothing but political fanboys. They’ve swooned over Obama like teen girls over Miley. This is the most save-the-establishment screw-the-people administration ever. My liberal friends, who used to argue with me and hound me at every turn, now say, let’s not ruin the party. None of them want to talk about it.


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