Charity and Chastity – who needs either?

I keep getting suckered by the poor and the victimized.

When the tsunami (you know the one) happened, I sent money. I’ve bought $500 worth of soccer balls for Iraqi kids who probably put C4 in them and rolled them at a stray dog as practice. After 9/11….well, I’m too ashamed to talk about it.

I’m not against helping the victimized. I’m against me doing it. There are plenty of other people who will do it. Way more than plenty. If you have half a brain, you should think about causes that matter that people don’t flock to. After 9/11, the blood banks and banks were overflowing. You don’t need to pile on. It’s so tempting because the circumstances are so heart-wrenching. That’s exactly the time to resist. Others will more than take up your slack.

Never again will I give money to a victim or the poor. If something really bad happens, I’ll exorcise my empathy by giving more to causes that are chronically starved, counting on the masses to handle this like they handle voting for American Idol.

Go thou and do likewise.

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