What a Silly Bunt

Barbara Boxer, of course.

Her famous dressing down of a brigadier general who had the temerity to address her respectfully is one of those moments that clarifies many things.

The general had been dealing with Her Snottiness in typical military fashion–pretending that even the rudest cunt should be treated like a lady.

Boxer took loud, stupid, extended offense to being called “Ma’am.” Boxer had been superciliously obnoxious to the general for a while before the clip we’ve all seen. He was unruffled, before and after being called on the carpet by this crazy lazy political hack bitch. That she should spend this much time in government and have so little contact with the military that she thought “ma’am” from a general officer indicates disrespect…. I can’t finish this sentence.

Fuck you, Senator Barbara B. Boxer Antoinette.


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