Bernie Madoff’s Accomplices

Most people call them his victims or his investors, but they’re his accomplices. Most people talk about how their trust got them fleeced, but it was their greed that drove their trust.

The ABC news show 20/20 just did another piece villainizing Bernie and implicitly sanctifying the people who lost money with him. He smoked pot! He didn’t seem remorseful! He got happy ending massages!

They went after his wife pretty good too. I consider his wife just another investor, no better and no worse than any of the others. The only difference between the rest of them and her, and the only reason she’s still in Bernie’s corner, is that she still has hope of a payday from him.

ABC insinuated she was a more conscious accomplice than the rest of the investors, trying to smear her, but there’s no evidence that she was actively working the scam with him. If you don’t sympathize with her, I can’t understand why you sympathize with the rest of them.


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