Sarah Palin, R.I.P., P.Y.T.

Update 2016: This was about Sarah Palin resigning as Alaska governor.

I voted for Sarah Palin for president.  I didn’t vote for John McCain. I wrote Palin in. She was the only person other than Ron Paul that I thought would stand in the way of the Bush bailouts.  I could have voted for Paul, but friends don’t let friends vote Libertarian.

(I say this as a former Libertarian Party apparatchik and congressional candidate. The Libertarian Party is more Party than Libertarian. Only if you believe that politics really don’t matter should you waste time on the LP. They’re like a Star Trek convention. Actually, there’s probably a lot of overlap, and they could double book with the Trekkies. Go ahead, say Trekker. Only a Trekkie cares if they get called Trekkie or Trekker.)

The reactions to her announcement aren’t all exactly predictable. Lefties are, of course, having to find new ways to keep from shooting off in their pants. On the right, the majority are shucking and jiving. But a lot more right wing people than I would have expected are standing up and saying she stuck her shotgun up her own butt and so let’s call in the crime scene cleanup people and be done with her.

There is no excuse for what she just did. Brave Sir Sarah chickened out. There is no new information needed. There is no acceptable excuse. Unless she or one of her kids has inoperable cancer. In which case, she should have already said so.

If the GOP has half a brain (and I’m sure they do, if you add up all the Republicans in the world), Sarah should be anathema now. This ends her career. She is not your girlfriend puking in your car and you forgive her even though you can smell it every hot day and even though everyone keeps saying you should break up with her. Actually, she is just like that.


One Response to Sarah Palin, R.I.P., P.Y.T.

  1. forsythkid says:

    I really feel that Sarah puts her family first and that she was blindsided by people who want to see her fail. The system does not tolerate anyone who would be good, honest and just. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

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