Obama’s Pets

My wife and I got nothing from the Bush rebates.  We earned too much money. So we’re not worthy.

Some of this unworthiness comes from getting paid more per hour than most people, but most of it is caused because we work more hourse than most people.

I’ve bitched about this before: If you pro-rate over our productive lifetimes the huge number of unpaid/underpaid hours both of us have worked to get to the point where we can charge more per-hour than the typical Chrysler assembly line worker, we make less per hour than that stupid guy. Does that mean we’re the really stupid ones?

No, but the differential is not so much economic as it is spiritual. Our work is fascinating, challenging, demanding and creative. Unlike stupid Chrysler guy, my wife calls me up because she’s worried about me and I’m supposed to call if it’s after 9pm, and I thought for sure it wasn’t past 6. It would kill me to work on an assembly line (I’d kill myself, I mean). The price we pay is we never work for the weekend. Weekends where we don’t work are few and far between.

We’ll get nothing from the Obama house-buying incentives (or from any of Obama’s other bread&circuses voter loyalty programs).

We will pay asinine increases in the prices of everything because of the corrupt cap and trade plan. Cap and trade started out as a libertarian proposal to apply “tragedy of the commons” thinking to environmental issues. Barack and the Obama-nations have turned it into a a corrupt rerun of 14th Century indulgences. The same goes for the “carbon offsets” charade. Everything old is new again, when you’re a politically correct dumbass. These pinheads are no more serious about solving environmental problems than the priests collecting indulgences were about suppressing sin. Environmentalism has become a self-flagellating, self-abusing cult of effete hypocrites who think they can pay their way into an enclaved heaven while turning up the air-conditioning in their SUVs.

We will pay the VAT which is coming next.

We will be raped and pillaged for a while.

At a certain point, we will resist. Not to make a splash, not to make a point, but quietly, to survive, and effectively.

This weekend, I was at Costco, as usual. They’re selling $15 trade copies of Atlas Shrugged at Costco. I don’t think Costco, a notoriously liberal touchy feely corporation, is pushing a point. They’re selling what sells.

New litmus tests:

  • If you qualify for any of this new government “help,” and you are older than 30, you have officially fucked up your life so far.
  • If you take any of this new government “help,” you officially suck. I am your enemy.

I’d suggest that Michelle Antoinette and President Boy Toy not go out anymore on dates that the rest of us are sensible enough not to afford until unemployment is under 6%. And she might want to re-think her shoe and purse budget. Pulling off noblesse oblige requires nobility, and neither of these too-cute-to-fail social climbers has that.

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