William Henry Hates

Here’s what I’d like to know: has William Henry Gates ever been arrested before? Stopped by a cop and hassled? Has anyone in in his immediate (or once-removed) family been subject to racism-by-cop?

I’m not going to deny that cops hassle black men more than they do anyone else. (I’m also not going to deny, even if I get called racist, that young black men commit crimes with the same enthusiastic prevalence and incidence with which they play excellent basketball.)

As the facts continue to trickle out, these seem to be the things we know:Gates got a cop response to a possible break-in at his house faster than 99% that every other American would. I seriously doubt that Adam-12 had just finished quieting down a teenage party down the block and got this call, and that’s why they got there in a very few minutes. People on the right are trying to spin this as a class issue (jackassical professor versus blue collar cop), but I haven’t seen any of them tackle this class aspect–the sheer speed of the police response. A few months ago, my wife and I came home from a plane trip and had to break into our own house. Nobody called the cops and had they called the cops, I bet we would have been asleep for 2 hours before they showed up. And we would have welcomed them, and made coffee for them. That’s because we’re not racists, we’re homeowners. Had William Henry Hates had a similar hierarchy of values, this never would have been a big issue. But since he’s more importantly a racist than anything else, we now have to deal.

  • There was no racism involved in the police dispatch. Two guys shouldering a door late at night in a really nice neighborhood. And that’s all. 
  • Gates had a huge chip on his shoulder about people wearing blue. Maybe he was raped by a smurf at some point, perhaps when he was defending 2LiveCrew’s artistic license. (The notion that Gates is a highly respected exemplar of black scholarly achievement is idiotic. Gates is as ideologically jejune and doctrinaire as your standard issue Women’s Studies professor. He’s just crossed out Women and written in Black in crayon. He’s just another identity politics demogogic jackass. I was quite aware of him as a known dumbass long before this.)
  • Gates is a pampered little bitch in the heart of the system. What a great name for a rock band. PLB is living proof of how flaccid racism is now in this country, except in the minds of people like Hates who jump up on chairs and scream “yo mamma.”
  • The cop called to the scene had great bona fides–teaching classes on avoiding racial profiling, I assume he had decent skills dealing with racially-charged situations. But those skills weren’t up to the task of dealing with a Grey Poupon professional racist like Gates.

And that last gets to the heart of the matter. Nobody I’ve heard has said this yet: 

  • Gates is a professional racist and that’s what caused this whole problem. This is the heart of the matter, and it’s not about forgiveness.
  • And Barack Obama appeases and buttkisses jerks like Gates and that’s what has caused Barack’s whole problem.
  • Barack let us know what he really thinks about race, and it’s not post-racial thinking.  Or any kind of thinking. He roots for the home team, regardless of facts.

Barry might have gotten away with this had he not been such a pussy about Iran. When Barry says I will say nothing without facts, and I will ignore the YouTube videos and the violence, because the mullahs didn’t allow UN observers at all the polls, and without the UN being present nobody should have an opinion and you can’t tell Wright from wrong–

And then you open your answer about William Henry Hates by saying you don’t have all the facts, but you’re not going to let that stop you…

Fuck you, Barack. If there’s one thing Bush lacked and you exemplify, it’s moral vacuousness. At least he could be wrong, while you can only be Pretty Vacant.

Officer Crowley is a good guy and all the effort he spent trying to make race not matter doesn’t matter when you’re ensnared by dishonest assholes who have tr own dishonest racial agenda. I  mean both Barack and William Henry Hates.

Now we have the beer thing. No matter what Crowley does with that, he’s my hero. Imagine how he’s being leaned on and how much he’s being seduced. All he did was his job, well, and all William Henry Hates did was once again spit on the people who protect and promote him.

Seriously, people, google him, read the bullshit this professional racist idiot Henry Gates writes. He’s dumb as a box of hammers. 

Crowley’s in over his head. If they use and abuse him, hate them, not him.


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