Racists are easy targets. They’re stupid, jejune and see the world in asinine terms.

It really does pain me to be confronted with undeniable proof that Barack Obama is a racist. Nice job, ear-man. The one thing you should have slam-dunked, you just fucked up. For this, I will never forgive you. Your presidency so far has been a train wreck like in Atlas Shrugged, but you damn well should have gotten this right. Now you’ve given aid and comfort and “I told you so” rights to every fucking Billy Bob racist.

That little tea party at the White House. Ha ha–I’m laughing Milhouse style like on the Simpsons.

This ridiculous picture of you too self-involved and too self-satisfied to even have manners.


White racist cop who needs to be “teachable” exhibits common decency and courtesy that almost any of us would have within us, while President Oblivious marches boldly ahead to bring the rest of us health care he wouldn’t inflict on his relatives. Not that he treats his relatives particularly well either.

I don’t think Barack’s a bad guy. I just think he’s not up to the job. He’s a moral infant. Christ, I’m older than the president. Nothing has ever made me feel older than realizing that.

Happy 48th, Barack!

Come on over for a beer and an earful!


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