Arlen Skeletor

On Fox News Sunday, Arlen Spector refused to go on Obamacare:

Here’s what the nasty little senator said:

Chris Wallace:  You support the public option. If it passes, will you, Arlen Spector, go on it?

Arlen Skeletor:  I will consider it. I think members of the House and Senate ought to have exactly the same plans, the same options as any citizen. Bear in mind, Chris, the public option is an option, it is one choice you can make and I think my option ought to be the same as any other citizen.

Then Senator Skeletor said some half-assed bullshit about veterans being exempted that I couldn’t even stand to listen to, even if it helped me skewer him more. I’d be in favor of death panels if Arlen had a low draft number.


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