It used to be that the Democrats were the party of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  I used to think there wouldn’t be a Democratic Party by 2020. Now, I hope there won’t be a Republican Party after 2010.

Even after Obama won, I thought this was just a rock star moment. The best Dem candidate ever would still have lost were it not for catching the wave of the tanked economy. The Republican McCain/Palin seppuku was barely enough to elect Obama.

 The Obama administration’s stunning incompetence and cluelessness is matched only by its hubris. I can tell that everyone knows this because liberal friends  won’t talk to me about politics anymore–they’re in full-on, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it mode. They pin their hopes on the birthers.

Which brings me to my point. So do the Republicans–pin their hopes on the birthers and their hero Sarah Palin.

Let’s say the birthers are right. Obama is technically disqualified to be president. The time to win this fight was before the election. Now, this is just a crackpot undermining of the system, no different from the crackpot left challenges to George Bush’s election.

Sarah Palin is the queen of unforced errors. Her resignation as governor was asinine, as were her statements about it. Blame Katie Couric all you want, that was not an anomaly.

I wrote in Sarah Palin for president in the last election. I don’t regret it. Even now, I think she’s so much better than Obama, Biden, McCain, the three stooges.

But she’s done and dumber. Put a fork in her. If the Republicans moth-to-a-flame to her, it will be over for them.


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