General Dixie Chick

Conservatives who were outraged by the Dixie Chicks dissing George Bush in England seem to be just fine with General McChrystal’s more measured and damaging British disagreement with his Commander-in-Chief.

Regular readers (all 3 of you) know I’m disillusioned with Obama and might guess that I agree with McChrystal about the facts on the ground. But it’s more important to preserve the rule of law and take care of the system that provides the ring in which we jab at each other, than it is to land on any single jab.

It was obnoxious poor form for the Ditzy Chicks to air American dirty laundry on foreign ground. But they’re not sworn to the system like McChrystal is.

McChrystal taking his fight with Obama to the media isn’t just obnoxious, it’s a threat to civilian control of the military. Not a huge threat–cracks aren’t huge. But they’re dangerous, especially in an America where neither the left nor the right gives two shits about what keeps the electricity flowing while they fight over who controls the light switch.


3 Responses to General Dixie Chick

  1. Llama John says:

    I think McChrystal wanted to be fired. He was trying to cast Obama as Truman to McChrystal’s MacArthur.

  2. Llama John says:

    Further, not only did he want to be fired — he was giving Obama a way to do it and save face. The alternative McChrystal faces, every General Officer faces, is to resign when given command of the Afghanistan theater. Now if McChrystal resigns it won’t be as damaging to Obama and the office of the Command In Chief.

  3. Scipio says:

    I hope you’re right. This is just Kabuki. McChrystal and Obama are reading their lines in a mutually agreed script.

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