The Silence of the Liberals

My liberal friends really really really don’t want to talk politics these days. They know that Obama is a disaster, deep in their hearts. This seems a particularly good week to talk about their silence. What with Obama’s triumph with the Peace Prize and all.

For a long time, choosing the “winner” of the Nobel Peace Prize has been a sickening exercise in Euro-trash snottiness. Even American liberals are admitting this, now that their Hero has been given the prize merely for Not Being Bush.

Said the prize committee: It’s about time We gave you colonials a gold star for pulling your Blue State heads out of your Red State asses. So this year’s winner is Barack “Our Bitch” Obama.

Even liberals can tell when they’re being grey pooped-on by a bunch of decadent stinky-fish eating socialists.

Poor Barack. Everybody is on him, parsing everything he said. He didn’t know how to react so he did the best he could on short notice.

The one thing he said that was accidentally true was that he was humbled by being given this prize. No shit, Barack. Humbling America was the whole fucking point.

So what was Barack supposed to do? They gave him a shit sandwich and told him it was the finest European cuisine. He had 5 seconds to think and he ate it to avoid giving offense. This is what happens when your highest value is to avoid giving offense. All your natural defenses are down.

I hope that Barack is pissed off right now, brushing his teeth over and over again, thinking about how he just got played.

 I bet you Euro-weenies won’t like him when he’s mad. I bet McChrystal just got an early Christmas present. 

I bet the next time my nice liberal friends are willing to talk about politics they’ll sound just a little bit more like John Wayne and a little bit less like Susan Sarandon.


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