Who’s Stupid Now?

Bill Maher is stupid. Turns out he’s a Vaccine-Crackpot. He thinks his perpetually snotty nose when he was a child was because he was vaccinated. Maybe so, but what explains Maher at 50 still being such a snotnose brat?

Who else is as stupid as Bill Maher?  How about all those morons who manned the barricades to defend Roman Polanski, the extraordinary director and even more extraordinary ass-fucker.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I previously posted the libel that Polanski raped that 13-year-old child anally, orally and vaginally. It appears that I was wrong, and Roman isn’t that interested in vaginas. He doubled down on the ass.)

He also took repeated sexual advantage of 15-year-old Nastassia Kinski, starting about a year before the rape he was finally charged with. And stories keep coming out–it’s looking like everyone in Hollywood knew about Polanski’s fetish for underage girls. There were frequent pool parties where he’d photograph girls who, at any other pool, could still innocently go topless.

I’d like to point out that I haven’t really tried to check out anything I’ve said above, and I’m writing it with reckless disregard for the truth and with the intent to bring Polanski into disrepute. I do believe all this stuff is true, but don’t much care if it isn’t. While I’m at it, why don’t I try to incite a little violence?

I’m offering a bounty of $100 American to anyone who will git ‘er done and off Polanski, however indifferently or without style. $200 to anyone who does it by sticking a knife up his ass twice or more.  $300 to anyone who uses a knife made of razor blades on a toothbrush handle.

Somehow, I doubt I’ll be hearing from Rapin’ Roman’s solicitors telling me to cease and desist.

Oh, one last thing before I go. Harrison Ford is a cunt. He signed the Free Polanski manifesto.

Cunt is a really interesting word. It’s way more offensive, in the USA, than cocksucker or motherfucker. I want to make it clear that I am using this term in the USA sense. I can’t think of a more generally offensive or derogatory word right now, or I’d use that word.

Not only is Harrison Ford a cunt, he’s my Designated #1 Cunt. Because he’s such a shocking cunt. He’s Polanski’s frantic little bitch. Ford did a lot more than sign–he’s collaborated. I invite Harrison C. Ford and Ass-Stormin’ Roman to get together and jointly sue me after they’re done felching each other.

There are lots of other Hollywood cunts who also deserve mention. This won’t be a complete list, just the ones whose work I used to enjoy. The ones I can never see their work again without thinking, what a cunt!

I encourage you to look online for other signatories and supporters who should be added to your own personal Cunt Roll.

Anyhow, without further ado:

Martin Scorsese is a raging cunt.

Terry Gilliam is a funny cunt.

Woody Allen is a kindred cunt.

Whoopie Goldberg is a cunt cunt.

Jonathan Demme is a silent cunt.

Stephen Frears is a dangerous cunt.

David Lynch is an elephant’s cunt.

That little bald cunt Buck Henry is still alive?

John Landis is a hairy cunt.

Debra Winger is Crazy Cunt. She does the voice for the cartoon.

Michael Mann is a vicious cunt.

Taylor Hackford is an official cunt.

Neil Jordan is a surprising cunt.

Milan Kundera is an unbearable cunt.

Sam Mendes is a winsome cunt.

Tilda Swinton can’t figure out if she’s a cunt or not.

Ok, that’s my list. I guess it’s pretty obvious that after a while I stopped picking real favorites and just went for the cunt jokes.

I’m kind of a cunt that way.


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