Rush to Racism

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t just wrap himself in the flag–he thinks he IS the flag. He’s charging up the hill against the NFL, waving proudly in the breeze, outraged because he won’t be allowed to buy in as part owner of the Rams.

Rush’s comments over the years on racial issues are the purported cause celebre for kicking him out of the clubhouse.  Some of the comments that have gotten him booted are fabricated.

Rush busted some liberal New York law firm for puttting bogus racist quotes on Rush’s Wikipedia page. Mainstream media organizations swallowed those quotes whole, and have to should apologize now. And Rush is hammering hammering hammering, like a blowhard John Henry.

As far as I’m concerned the real scandal here is how easily media organizations are suckered and how little research they do before breathlessly “reporting.” Professional media has become an oxymoron. They read Wikipedia and blogs just like everyone else to get their facts and news.

I watched Fox last night, captivated by the Balloon Boy and his Balloon Knot parents. En passant,  Geraldo Rivera did an admirable job gathering actual Rush quotes on race, several of which made me wince. And I’m not talking about just the McNabb thing.

Geraldo, doing a fine job as a real reporter, nailed Rush to the wall with quote after quote, gleaned from the radio show, in Rush’s own voice. Real stuff that had other media dug in, they’d have had a field day. This was on FOX for Christ’s sake. MSNBC and the rest of the legacy media (CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC) were too lazy to get even this catnip scoop.

Geraldo’s point was, Screw Rush–even if a bunch of New York asshats thought they had to pile on to nail the guy, the fact remains he’s said lots of things that are about the same thing as the made-up quotes.

Ok, that’s fine. There’s just one thing. Rush isn’t being given the bum’s rush because of racism. It’s because of his conservatism and influence. Racism is the excuse for lynching Rush. Anybody who has ever commented on race in a way that makes Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton huff and puff is at the same risk. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

First they came for Rush, and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a loudmouth radio talk show host….


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