Worst. President. Ever

Today, I added a category to this blog called Worst. President. Ever.  And I’ve been going back and marking posts that belong. This post won’t stay at the top long, but it frames the category.

Several months ago, I got in an email argument with a liberal friend who was incensed when I said that Barack was going to turn out to be the worst president ever. His point was that I wasn’t giving the guy a chance. I didn’t reply. It’s a fair point and I was happy to let him win it. There was nothing I could think of to say that didn’t start with, “Look, dumbass…”

It was obvious to me that Obama was failing and now it’s obvious to everybody. I didn’t want to slam my friend’s head in the toilet and scream, “You voted for it, now eat it!” There are reasons my wife doesn’t want to read this blog, and that last sentence is one of them.

This post has been sitting in my drafts since last April with this notation:

Organize: Date/Event/Suck Category/Suck Description

That’s too much work for me. So I just decided to create a category and start compiling all the dumbass things this Administration is doing. As I remember ones from the past, I’ll add them too.

Here’s what I had in here already:

2009-04 release of CIA interrogation technique memos.

Snubbing Gordon Brown.

Appointing Tim Geithner

Cap and Trade, and screw you and your liking to be able to afford to read at night too.

The tax scandals of your grey poupon financial genius appointees.

Bowing to a Saudi plutocrat. Bush held his hand–yes I remember.  Hated that too.

Lying about the 5 days public disclosure period on the web before passing bills. That’s easy to do. Not doing it is flat-out lying.

Joining the AIG distraction mob. Trying to demonize people who earn bonuses.

Orchestrating attacks on the tea baggers.

threatening GM/firing Wagoner

2009-04-17. Photo-op with Hugo Chavez. Ignorantly shaking Chavez’ hand. I say ignorant, because that’s what Chavez called Obama a couple of days ago.

 2009-04. release of CIA interrogation memos (partial)

2009-04. Announcing release of interrogation pictures.

2009-04. Suggesting that lawyers who gave opinions about torture should be tried.


Looking back at all of the above, I’m very disheartened. It’s just gotten much worse on most fronts since then. Gitmo, the Merry Band of Marxist Czars, jousting with Glenn Beck, the proudly corrupt Democratic Congress, the cop summit, the health care debacle, the resurrection of the CIA show trials, being in the middle of a keepaway game with the Iranian mullahs and the Russians, the Nobel Prize for this year’s biggest Euro-weenie, the fascist “paymaster” Czar, the incompetence at disbursing stimulus funds, the retreat to “well, it’s far worse than we said it would be, but it would have been even far worser trust us.” Why don’t you get a Goal Post Moving Czar? Or are all the other czars just supposed to pitch in every Friday when you move them?

And I’m just ranting off the top of my head. There are dozens more big things that Obama is screwing up, things that will take decades to fix.

I am deeply saddened and sickened by what the Obamanistas have wrought. I was far too sanguine about the country riding out an Obama administration none the worse for wear.

The only thing I have left to shield myself against conservative friends’ onslaughts is, Well, McCain would have been even worse! I don’t really believe that anymore. As liberals used to like to say, till their Magic Unicorn got elected, competence counts.

We have the triumph of Leftist academia in this administration.  Obama is their bitch. They say his name sharply and he says, “Yes, ma’am!”

These people running this president are Nellie Olsens and they are Deeply Stupid. Deep Stupidity is characterological. They hate and fear and don’t understand anything that deserves their reverence and respect. They’re worse than teenagers. They’re 9 year olds suddenly in charge of the family. Ice cream and cheese doodles for breakfast every morning! Daddy stays home today! No school! Mommy reads me stories all day! FOX better not make me mad or I’ll wish it into the cornfield!

Their take on soldiers comes from The Deer Hunter and other 70’s movies that are all unwatchable now except for Apocalypse Now, where you root for the people you’re not supposed to. (“I love the smell of napalm in the morning!”)

Their take on corporations comes from pre-adolescent primary process resentment at not being hired. They creeped the interviewer out.

Their take on the average American is “little pink houses.” They loathe those they propose to rescue. You are racist, stupid, a Fox-watcher, with not a Derrida book in your whole neighborhood. We will shepherd you and cull you and make your final moments painless.

(Sarah Palin caught a lot of crap for her “death panel” jibe, but that’s because it struck home. If you don’t think these people don’t pillow talk about how to neuter all the red state puppies, you’re naive. Most of the people in the current administration won’t use the word eugenics, but they think they’re The Humane Society and you’re a suspect pet with intact testicles.)

Anyhow, I’m done with Obama. If you’re not, I hope he cuts your nuts off.


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