Electile Dysfunction

For the last week at work, I’ve been predicting that Corzine would lose in NJ by 5 points. Everyone has said I’m crazy, including those saying, from your lips to God’s ears.

The margins in both governor’s races (NJ and VA) will be interpreted by the right as repudiation of Obama’s policies.

The right is wrong. This is not repudiation. This is revulsion.

Obama will wish all of this into the cornfield, forgetting that in the real world denial is not magical.

What an incredible 2010 electoral season it’s going to be. Get your tickets now. Will there be a Tea Party? Will the Republican Party establishment be rudely dis-ensconced and let all of us rabble take a ride in their fancy carriages, hoping we’ll let them back on board when we’re bored? Will the Democrats keep shoving so much Progressive dynamite up their stupid asses that there has to be an explosion of some kind eventually?

People keep reminding me that America doesn’t support 3 major parties. That’s right–but third parties (like the Republicans) have arisen quickly on the whirlwind and displaced one half of the duopoly.

Republicans shouldn’t cheer too much about what happened tonight. The Republican establishment is only marginally less hated by their “base” than their base hates the Democrat establishment. A message was sent tonight to all of you magical in-denial Washington assholes. Here’s the message: Fuck you Orrin Hatch. Fuck you John Boehner. Fuck you Nancy Pelosi. and 532 other Fuck You’s. We Hate All of You.

I fully expect Obama’s thugs to spin this and dance around about how it’s meaningless. I fully expect the Republican establishment to think this is a cattle drive and they just need to cowboy up and get those Tea Party mavericks cut back into the herd. This night may be remembered as the Night They Drove the GOP Down. The Republican apparatchiks are in more serious denial than the Obamanistas. The GOP doesn’t get that what happened tonight is an existential threat. For the Democrats, it was just a defeat.



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