G.I. Jihadi

Nidal Malik Hasan killed a dozen solders (I won’t say fellow solders) at Ft. Hood this week, and he wounded several dozen more. The US government and the legacy media are focusing on this as an act of random mental instability.  Move along, everyone, no terrorism to see here….

NPR (NPR!) has reported that Hasan, a psychiatrist, once incongruously and unexpectedly pounced and delivered a Grand Rounds lecture on Islam in which he talked about the bloody ends to which infidels should rightfully come. He did not–ahem–unambiguously distance himself from supporting beheadings and pouring burning oil down infidel throats. Evidently, people in the audience were–ahem-wondering whether they should say something.

Yesterday, at work, coincidentally, I talked to a guy who got called to stand and deliver in front of HR for saying, “Ok, guys, let’s get going.” Some crazy bitch objected to being lumped in with the guys. That’s Nancy Pelosi’s and Barbara Boxer’s America. One in which offense is taken where obviously none is intended and intelligent adults (medical professionals) sit meekly while a Muslim terrorist rants about his religious lust to kill them.

Most of the media have displayed this same attitude. And why shouldn’t they? They’ve also been conditioned and cowed in diversity and sensitivity trainings required of all Americans who want to work for any large corporation or organization.

The focus has been put on Hasan’s mental instability, with the “narrative” (Jesus, I hate the way that term is used–we’ve all been polluted by post-modernism) being that Hasan is a nut and he just happened to spin the How Would You Like to Express Your Nuttiness? Wheel, and it landed on Islam. Hell, he could have been a Scientologist or Truther or a Bircher or, most likely, a right-wing Christian. (Most people in the legacy media believe that Christians have multiple listings on the Nuttiness Wheel, while Islam’s pie slice is narrower than most.)

So, your typical suicide bomber isn’t mentally twisted, but is the very model of a modern Major-General? I guess so, after yesterday.

Leave it to me to take a twisted lesson from the massacre, but the lesson I’m taking is that we’ve been way too lenient with these politically correct diversity crap-mongers. They’ve  infected us with a sickening moral meekness that excuses any atrocity committed in the name of a protected characteristic. Every sensitivity/diversity training session is nothing more and nothing less than demanding that you make no judgments beyond “How cute and National Geographic!” about protected characteristics.

Perhaps this was not all that pernicious when it applied only to biological characteristics like race and gender and age. (I say not all that pernicious, because I don’t think it’s entirely innocent. Interfering with the moral decisions of stupid people is wrong. You should be able to live in society “at will” with other people–rejecting them, refusing to do business with them, even insulting them, for no damn good reason, without serious external consequences for such behavior. I support diversity so much that I’m fine with tolerating racists, sexists and hot 19 year old age-ist girls who don’t want to fuck 50 year old me).

What happened, slippery slope snickety quick, is that the Sensitivistas* hopped from biology to ideology, demanding that nobody think critically about religion or ethnicity (really, ethnicity means culture). They demand that we not examine ideas if people classify those ideas as off limits because they are religious or cultural. At the end of a stultifying day in a diversity/sensitivity class,  there’s no moral distinction between discriminating against someone because she has a clitoris and judging people who want to cut it off.

Or discriminating against a deranged Muslim who doesn’t much like infidels bossing him around. I’ll make it clear: had the military cashiered him, he still would have done something like this. Maybe he would have done it in a concealed carry state and the body count would have been lower. Or he’d have done it on Saturday in a New York mall and the body count would have been huge. There are no good choices when dealing with someone like this.

I’ll close with this, and defend it later: 

Islam is the Old Yeller of religions.

* Living in the Great Northwest, I usually call them “Sasquatch Lesbians.” I’ve never been to one of those fucking diversity/sensitivity classes that wasn’t being run by an SL What’s wrong with us that we let them become the Alpha Males?


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