Old Yeller

In my last rant, I noted that Islam was the Old Yeller of religions. That evocative metaphor evidently needs more comment:

  • If you’re too young to know who Old Yeller was, then you’re old enough to use Google. If you can’t use Google effectively, then you’re a complete dumbass who shouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place. You  should be able to look up cultural references like I used to look up words in the dictionary when I was 14 and someone said something I didn’t get. I shouldn’t have to pre-digest for you like I’m a momma bird and you’re my retarded baby who will never fly.
  • Old Yeller was put down for being rabid. Am I suggesting that Islam should be put down for being rabid? That would be the kind thing to do. This religion cannot be tamed or reasoned with. It’s in the shed barking and foaming. We’re too pussified to just shoot it, so we’ll let it suffer and thrash and knock stuff off the shelves till it expires on its own. In that thrashing, it may knock Israel off the shelf, and an American city or two, but in the end, Islam will die. And we’ll be traumatized and sad and we’ll wish we’d taken care of this earlier.  So, yeah, I stand by the Old Yeller metaphor.
  • Yes, Islam is mental rabies. Honor killings, Fort Hood, the Susan Koman thing…remind me of the last time anyone Islamic did anything important except for exploding and killing teenage girls. Islam contributes nothing, except money to terrorists. Every decent Muslim (that’s not quite oxymoronic) is ashamed and terrified of saying anything because Islam is so violent. Islam isn’t so much a religion as it is an organized crime family.
  • All Muslims are racists. And sexists. If you wouldn’t do business with an acknowledged Christian racist/sexist, you should equally shun Muslims.

Long before 9-11, long before the Internet, I was getting kicked off message boards for challenging Muslim intolerance, racism and sexism. I’ve despised good Muslims since the ’80’s. Bad Muslims are great, like bad Catholic girls. 

In every mosque in America, Muslim imams are covertly or overtly preaching intolerance, sexism and hate. None of them are preaching tolerance, feminism or ecumenicism.  There’s no such thing as moderate Islam.

Well, that’s not quite right. Islam is different and we have a hard time wrapping our minds around their world view. Islam didn’t get the Westphalia memo and it doesn’t map to how we think institutions should work. The dynamics of Islam are like the dynamics of the Mafia. The Democrats are right about how terrorism is a criminal problem. They’re wrong that it’s isolated, not organized.  We should treat all of Islam as a criminal problem–like the Mafia.

UPDATE: Ok, that was a little harsh saying that all Muslims are racist sexists or sexist racists. Of course, they’re not. Did you know Muslim men shave their pubic hair? They’re bald like little girls down there. That’s how much Muslim men like oral sex. They cut the clitorises off their women too. That’s how much they don’t want to return the favor. I digress.

What I should have said is that all Muslims are like people living in neighborhoods run by the Mafia. Some of them are into the crime, most of them are just trying to get along. But nearly all of them are corrupted, subservient, easily co-opted–and glamoured.

Time for Thorns said it beautifully today:

Islam is an infantilizing religion, reducing physical adults to permanent  children. emotionally and psychologically.   The individual is never responsible for the success or failure of anything but following his imam’s instructions, and that creates the mindset that someone else is responsible for adherents’ personal shortcomings.

Perhaps in the poorest sections of the Muslim world, you say.  But find yourself a retired military helicopter instructor and ask if any of his students have been Muslim.  You will hear of intelligent, Western-educated, seemingly modern men who, in a critical flight moment took their hands off the chopper controls and called for Allah to save them instead of using their training to fight for control of the situation.  That response is common in Muslim trainees, but rare in others.

Still, there’s that stupid Christian bitch Carrie Underwood and her Jesus Take the Wheel song. Seriously, that song makes me want to revoke womens’ right to vote.

Islam isn’t unique, it just a primitive social arrangement that has got Jed Clampett lucky. Otherwise it would be dead already.

So let’s get real: not all Muslims are racist sexist terrorists. Like all religious congregations, most Muslims don’t have the courage of their convictions. But most Muslims are racist, sexist, terrorist sympathizers.

I was raised Mormon. I know what it’s like to be in an apocalyptic separated cult that wants to smile and fit in until it can take over. Islam has no room for you unless you submit. Unlike Mormons, Muslims are dangerous. Mormons blink. Muslims bomb.

No, most Muslims don’t hate Jews, despise women and think the rest of us deserve killing. But they grovel in front of those who do.

A woman wearing a burkha in public should be treated like a woman wearing a dog-chain in public. No, I’m wrong about that. A woman who lets herself be led around by a dog-chain in public  in America is saying Fuck You! to everyone but her master, and she’s saying things to him the rest of us don’t want to hear. It’s self-expression.

The woman in the burkha is suffocating and submitting. It’s truly offensive, not performance art, not bratty self-flaunting. It’s slavery. I don’t give a flying fuck if the girl in the burkha says, I’m fine. That’s what the little girl in Utah who was kidnaped said too.  Caring what the girl says is like caring what the Roman Polanski victim says. It’s about how if you can beat her down that much then you’re excused.

If you fuck her up enough that she forgives, then the rest of us should fight that much harder.

Anyhow, Islam isn’t so much a religion as it is an organized crime family and it isn’t so much an organized crime family as it is a rape cult.


One Response to Old Yeller

  1. Young Yowler says:

    Guess what Old Yeller turned out to be evil at the end, he deserves to go to hell!

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