Liberals, part 3

Ok, here we go. I’m really going to get to the point I’ve danced around the last 2 posts. Any readers still with me now know how close suspense and boredom can be to each other.

I started this because I was struck by how rude liberals can be to conservatives in supposed polite social situations. Yeah, I know, you shouldn’t talk about religion, politics or pedophilia in polite company. But liberals do it a lot, expecting impunity and bobble-headed agreement. If someone dares to demur, it shocks them into mildly shocking rudeness. You see the compassionate, diversity-respecting mask slip just a little. The insults are nearly always I.Q.-based.

Conventional wisdom is, whether you’re liberal or conservative, that liberals are smarter, as a rule. Conservatives tend to disparage the book-l’arnin’ job avoidance that many liberals practice well into their 60’s. The conservative book on liberals is that they graduate from 4 year programs after 6 years, and then transmogrify their articularity into luftmenschen jobs in non-profits, government, or they regress to nursing perpetually from their alma maters.  Or they just deal drugs and let their butchy bitchy wives support them.

I’ll grant that, on average, liberals are smarter than conservatives, no matter which average you choose: median, arithmetic mean, mode, tendency, whatever.

Sadly, for liberals, it’s not the averages that matter when it comes to intelligence. It’s the extremes, especially on the right side of the bell curve.  (I’m sure that right side thing is just a coincidence.)

I’ll assert something now without proof, but confident that it’s proveable: the smartest conservatives are a lot smarter than the smartest liberals. At a given level of extreme smartness, there are 100 conservatives, or more, for every liberal at that rarified level. I throw this down as a gauntlet, to annoy miserable liberal people who unconsciously perceive that this is true. It also explains, in part, why Liberals blurt/fart “You’re a big stupey stupe stupid!” when surprised by a contrary opinion.

Which brings me to Point 1: When a liberal is self-surprised by calling a conservative stupid in polite company, it has the same psychological significance as when a closet racist calls his daughter’s black fiance boy at Thanksgiving dinner or that Virginia Republican guy called a brown guy Macaca or…well, I’ll leave it to liberals to remember all the rest of the racial faux pas committed in public in the last few years.

A couple of decades ago, we’d have labeled these as Freudian slips. Two pickets to Tittsburgh.

Liberals treat each conservative slip as license to burn a witch. For example, every liberal of good conscience should be horribly ashamed of what you did to Trent Lott. If you don’t remember, well, burn fewer witches.

Here’s the truth of it: Liberals are privately bigoted against conservatives. It’s not disgreement, it’s bigotry.  That’s why they agonize so much about dating one.  Conservatives are the niggers of the liberal world. Yes they are. Ask the one you accidentally invited to your last cocktail party.

Anyhow, I’ve obviously been mulling this over since last week. That’s a long time for me to mull something.

I’m kind of worried about what I’m thinking now. I suspect I’ve been Uncle-Tom’ing to my bigoted, but perfectly nice, liberal friends. They’ve been putting up with me as one of The Good Ones.

Ok, in Part 4, I promise to get down to it.


5 Responses to Liberals, part 3

  1. Godless American says:

    “Most scientists identify as Democrats (55%), while 32% identify as independents and just 6% say they are Republicans.”

    “Just a third (33%) say they believe in God, while 18% say they believe in a universal spirit or higher power and 41% say they don’t believe in either.”

    Yeah, many liberals are bigoted against conservatives; the same way they’re bigoted against the KKK, Nazis, doctor killers and their supporters, greedy corporate executives, and human-rights abusers like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bremer, etc., etc.

    • Scipio says:

      @Godless American

      Nearly all American conservatives (many of them conscious classical liberals, and most of the rest following that lead) are bigoted against Maoists, Marxists, mass-murdering Communists of every nationality and their useful idiot supporters.

      American conservatives are bigoted against greedy faux compassionate apparatchiks who infest the UN and NGO’s and former KGB agents and terrorist human-rights abusers who infest most third-world countries from Colombia to the Philippines. And against dumbasses who wear Che Guevara T-shirts and get horny for Hamas–you’re like abused women who like bad boys, but these are really bad boys, you dumb bitch.

      When it comes to war crimes and terrorism, the world-wide Left is a couple of orders of magnitude ahead of the Right even when you broadly and inanely define the Right to include Nazis. The Commies make the Nazis look like weak sauce.

      My point here is not to say that all or even the majority of liberals are totalitarian fellow travelers. It’s that pot/kettle thing. And comparing your stupid list of right-wing misdemeanors against real crimes.

      Let’s choose up teams, and I’ll take Hitler and Pinochet, even though they really belong with you, and you take Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. You can even pick whether you want pot or kettle.

      Doesn’t matter which container we pick–you’re going to need a lot bigger mop to deal with all the blood your heroes have spilled on the floor.

      So knock off the self-righteousness for 5 minutes and you might learn something that’s not piped into your echo chamber.

      I voted for Bush in 2004 and I’m glad I did. I’m an atheist. I’m pro-choice. I work for a large corporation and I think large corporations rock, compared to every other form of organizing large numbers of humans. People suck, not corporations.

      I’ve gotten death threats from the Aryan Nations. I’m against “enhanced interrogation.” I think it would be a healing moment if Henry Paulson were lynched next to Ben Bernanke. And I think gays should be treated as perfectly normal people, except for most lesbians, who are nuts.

      And I now self-identify myself as a conservative because most liberals are such crap.

      Self-righteous and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

      • Godless American says:

        Your ignorance has reached a climactic level; you’re a little tea-pot boiling over.

        Your love of corporations, while bashing the “violence” used by left wing extremists belays your ignorance of the tactical operations specifically conducted under the guise of “spreading democracy” when in actuality the only goal was to exploit society’s natural resources, destroy the middle class, and funnel the majority of any given country’s wealth to a small group of financiers: i.e., Chile, Bolivia, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Iraq, etc., etc.

        How rewarding for you to sit comfortably in your state of pro-choice, anti-torture ignorance while continuing the policies and policy makers that inevitably propagate the opposite. Socialism, whether you’re bright enough to acknowledge it or not, exists today for the richest people and corporations in America, while it is the middle and lower classes that are subjected to the unrealistic and unattainable “virtues” of the free-market; namely that the free-market will balance itself. This absurd notion has proven false in every single market it has been forced on, and it has yet to improve a single nation.

        Corporations in their present form, are the scourge of mankind. Soon, we won’t be pledging allegiance to our country but to our corporate powers.

      • Scipio says:

        Son, you’re having a tough time landing a decent job, aren’t you? Good luck to you.

  2. Llama Joh says:

    I can’t wait to see where this is going. I guess I don’t get invited to the right (or is that “left”?) parties.

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