Liberals, Finis, part iv (Checks and Balances)

In part iii, I made a case that your obligation to help the less fortunate is owed to yourself, not to them. Neither the less fortunate nor the liberal carpetbaggers who exploit them have any inherent right to your labor or property.

It’s a big mistake to conflate a sense of moral obligation based on your own values with a legal duty that supersedes your values. Liberals win by rushing you from the first to the second without you realizing it. The moment you lose is when you grant that it’s OK to use government to help anyone, no matter how miserable, with your money. That’s not what governments are for.

Government is for suppressing violence and resolving disputes that would otherwise escalate to violence. Governments arrogate to themselves the exclusive right to do violence. (There are limited exceptions where government will allow its subjects to do violence, each exception subject to government review and ex post facto approval.)

Government is magic. As close to magic as you’ll see in this world. Kim Jong Il, the tiny fucker who terrorizes North Korea for a living, lives a magical life. He lives the liberal dream: to seize the reins of power and remake the world like he wants it to be. In KJI’s world, people wish they could get wished into the cornfield because at least there’d be something to eat. The typical American liberal wants the same power to use more wisely.

But all lust for absolute power is evil. You need an opposition to reality check you. If you get absolute power, even if you start out harmless, you become at least Michael Jackson. Most people have no idea how important the people who oppose them are to keeping them sane. This is the whole point of checks and balances.

Every American knows that checks and balances are important because they were told so in 5th grade. Judicial, Legislative, Executive, yeah can I go out and play now? Few Americans understand that Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson are what every boy and girl would grow up to be if they didn’t have checks and balances in their own lives.

Regardless of whether you think human nature is inherently good or evil, you must admit that humans need a daily dose of checks and balances to keep from turning into complete assholes.

Think about  institutional checks and balances in a wider context than branches of government: Church, State, Family, Business, Community, Individual. 

The power of the Church is moral. The power of the family is to determine the character and values of the next generation. Business takes care of the material side of life. Like-minded people find each other and form communities. The individual exercises sovereignty to create things that feed back into all other institutions. Government keeps the violence down to a dull roar so all the other institutions can function safely.

Government should no more take over all power in society than should Judicial, Legislative or Executive freeze out the other 2 branches of government. Liberals and progressives, God bless ’em, whether they know it or not, are choking out church, family, business, community and individuals, transferring power to government like they claim George Bush transferred power to the Executive branch. They think of government not as a background service that allows the other institutions to flourish, but as a hammer to make all the other institutions accept the bit. One ring to rule them all…

If you are a person who believes that government should rightly be used to do most or all of these jobs,

  • Stock libraries
  • Feed the hungry
  • Job training
  • Mass transit
  • Encourage green living
  • Educate children
  • Subsidize failing businesses
  • Subsidize prospering businesses so they’ll move to your town
  • Provide medical care
  • Run the electric company. And the gas company. And pick up trash.
  • Subsidize sports teams
  • Subsidize artists
  • Subsidize abortions, adoptions or orphanages
  • build roads
  • etc

… then you are part of the problem.

You are ceding to the societal institution that embodies violence what should be left to institutions that can flourish only in the absence of violence. You are napalming the social ecosystem, destroying the village to save it.


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