Liberals, Finis, part vi (everyone does what I tell them to do)

Lierals expect that if they fund AFDC and food stamps, then teenage single mothers will shop carefully, cook healthfully and go to DeVry to learn to program computers.

Liberals expect that people who get SBA loans will mostly succeed.

Liberals don’t believe that most fucked-up lives are because the people living those lives fuck up hard, relentlessly and tenaciously.

Liberals think that giving people more resources will solve the problems of people who have problems because they squander their resources.

Liberals think that the poor are clay. Malleable, teachable, pettable. 

Liberals treat unlucky human beings like 7 year old girls treat their dolls. They pose them and play with them and forget about them when it’s time to go out to play with their friends.

Liberals make the best bargain they can with the misery that they feel responsible to solve. But no way in hell are they serious about resolving it.


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