The War on Terror Words

Man-made disaster is the new phrase approved by the Obamanauts for what the aftermath of terrorism looks like.

Enemy combatant is so last-administration. I can’t remember what they’re calling them this year. Oh, yeah, isolated extremists. Equally applicable to Rush Limbaugh and the Dickless Detroit Doofus. And that Ft. Hood guy.

Not that I was a fan of Bush’s almost equally feckless nomenclature. War on Terror is pussy-speak too. As is the term “radical Islam.” Or “Muslim extremist.”

What we’re at war with is Jihadi Islam. We are at war with every Muslim who believes in Jihad in any sense of the word. That’s most Muslims.

In the Christian/Western world, extreme/radical implies being in the minority.  That’s why our fearlessly feckless leaders use such adjectives to describe our Muslim enemies.

They’re hoping against hope that we don’t notice that mainstream Muslims fit the extremist/radical criteria.

There are a lot of people making a lot of money pretending that mainstream Muslims aren’t the implacable enemies of the West. Were Americans to realize that most Saudi’s don’t have the balls to fly planes into buildings but are giggling about those who did like we giggle about YouTube kitty videos, what might Americans demand? Were Americans to know what Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis really think about us, how much less might we be willing to spend to protect them?

The majority of Muslims deeply hate me. Not in particular, but because I’m not with them. They hate you too, gentle reader.

Mainstream Islam is a hot mess.

We are at war with mainstream Muslims, not just a tiny extremist minority. We are at war with Islam like we were at war with Japan and Germany in World War II. Most Germans and Japanese did not lust for Allied blood, but they passively agreed with and supported their bloodthirsty leadership. And make no mistake, radical Islam leads the Islamic world.


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