Rehabilitating Gitmo

Obamanapalitano and their little Sunday morning newsbitch Brennan. Oh my.

John Brennan hasn’t gotten near the bad press he deserves. I know Brennan is just Obamanapolitano’s bitch, and I know he’s being held in front of them like a hairy hostage shield. But he’s an American and nothing serious keeps him from walking away. Fuck him for being such a willing apparatchik little bitch.

Here’s what Bitch Brennan had to say on the Sunday talk shows:

  • The right thing to do is try the crotch-bomber in normal US courts so we can use plea-bargain leverage to get information out of him.
  • We’ll be sending more “detainees” back to Yemen to be “rehabilitated.” Can’t see any reason not to.
  • Guantanomo is tainted. Must close.

Let’s take this point by point and lay it at the door of Obama, because no question Brennan was spewing Obama’s talking points.

The first is such a stupid thing I’m not going to waste time on it. Barack and the Obaminations fucked up hard here, and everyone knows it.

On the second point, let’s quit calling them detainees. Name one person incarcerated in Gitmo who shouldn’t have been executed already. Seriously, here’s how I’ll close down Gitmo: machine gun every cell and let Castro swab it down and  turn it into a 4 star hotel. I’m against torture, and waterboarding is torture. I’m in favor of killing these guys. Any “detainees” who want to beg for their lives and provide us intelligence that makes it worthwhile for us to feed them, great. 1001 nights, motherfucker.

Guantanamo is actually one of the most humane, decent, serious things that America has ever tried to do in dealing with an insane world filled with rabid Muslim wolverines and their Eurotrash weasel enablers.

We should flaunt Gitmo, not close it.

How scared would the rest of the world be if we embraced Gitmo?

If we don’t, what do we do next?


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