House En-Words

Word is that the Swingin’ Black Caucus in the House of Representatives will come out swingin’ in defense of Harry Reid.

This is way more disgraceful than when feminists defended Bill Clinton as a Devil with a Blue Dress (Stained) On.

Let’s  digress a paragraph or few and  remember the glory that was Bill Clinton’s pee-pee: The most powerful man in the world, married and 27 years older than the star-struck 23-year-old intern on whom he inflicted multiple creepy, desultory sexual acts, remains a liberal lion. That’s pretty weak sauce, as liberal lions go, when you remember that the last liberal lion at least had the balls to drown his dates. Clinton, a real Peter, only denied his girl multiple times.

(Have I mentioned lately that I’m glad Teddy Kennedy’s dead and that I hope everyone who eulogized him gets the same brain tumor for karmic Christmas that finally felled that fat fuck?)

The only things creepier than what Clinton did to Monica are (1) the way feminists swallowed it and (2) the Clinton marriage.

Anyhow, Clinton’s victim was cattily dismissed with prejudice, thrown under the bus by feminists, for besmirching their Dream Lover. The Clinton affair proved that feminists don’t give a shit about “imbalance of power” and ordinary women preyed upon by powerful men. This sexual harrassment crap is just a bully pulpit and ready club to beat on the bourgeousie and the Billy Bobs. When it comes to men they swoon over, feminists are just like ordinary women, only a lot dumber and angrier and more subservient and forgiving. Bill Clinton slapped Gloria Steinem in the face with his dick and she didn’t blink. Didn’t dare blink.

Back to the Reid case. Every big black voice I’ve heard so far, is in Reid’s defense. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and say, “Thank you for not speaking in a Negro dialect–it makes it so much easier to understand your point.”  Or “You are so light-skinned–I believe what you say and I am behind you all the way!” I’m sure I could get away with that if I just apologize when I get dragged into HR.

Black hacks and politicians are proving now that they take racism as seriously as feminists take sexual harassment.

Awesome show, great job!


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