It’s a thin line between love and hate

Coakley vs. Brown in Massachusetts.

If Brown wins, he derails Obama. If he doesn’t, Obama wins on the razor’s edge.

I’d say Obama’s  a doofus who’s screwed up 99 times out of 100. We won’t be talking about the dumbness and mendacity of the Bushies for a while.

What Obama and the terrorists have in common is almost comical incompetence. Oh, and they also just have to win once, and that once is right now in Massachusetts.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of the nation depends on this election.  Stopping the health care bill is the only issue right now. Those who think we can repeal it afterward are wrong.

Think of all the other horrible government bureaucracies that have been spun up over the last 100 years and how few of them have succeeded or stayed within their original mandates.  This will be the worst of them all, by an order of magnitude.

There will be no way to chop off all the tentacles of this 2500+ page monster. You won’t get it repealed wholesale — various provisions will quickly find constituencies with sob stories that will squirm and wriggle and band together to derail any serious rollbacks.

Stop this now or, yeah, you will have government death panels (we have death panels now, but they’re not monolithic like they will become). You will have DMV-level customer service that will leave you nostalgic for fighting with your insurance company. The state of the art will freeze in many respects. You’ll pay more out of pocket than you do now through various back door fees and taxes.  You’ll have to do the medical tourism thing not just for cheaper Lasik and boob jobs but because there will be doctor shortages and waiting lists like everywhere else that has socialized medicine. Have you seen how much they’re trying to reduce this bill’s fiscal footprint by cutting doctors’ pay and upping medical technology manufacturer costs? How long before they have to suppress “white flight” to grey-market medicine, and how long before experienced doctors with fuck you money reduce their hours and then retire entirely?


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