Only an Idiot

Only an idiot American could be in favor of the health care bill. I’ve not met one ordinary citizen in favor who can answer both questions,  What do you like about it, specifically? What don’t you like about it, specifically?

Congressmen in favor can answer quite specifically what they like. They’ve each launched a self-seeking snot-rocket into the bill, and they don’t care about the rest of it.

This bill isn’t your garden-variety legislative sausage. This bill is snot-rocket stew.

This isn’t about normal compromise and reconciliation. I promise you there will be court fights for years settling contradictions in this bill, if it passes.

This bill isn’t socialized medicine–remember, there’s no single payer. This is just throwing everything at the wall and expecting that all the powers granted in the bill can be turned to useful purposes later.

There’s no excuse and no reason to do something this complex and important in one fell bill. All you need to know to oppose this is that it’s longer than Gone with the Wind. If you don’t get this, you’re too stupid to try to convince.


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