Change I Can Believe In

Keith Olbermann says that Scott Brown is an irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary ex-nude-model teabagging sexist supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.

God, I hope so.

Glenn Beck thinks the loonie left might try to assassinate Obama if he doesn’t double down after this.

I would love to see Beck and Olbermann on Charlie Rose together.

I hate to admit it, but I’m starting to buy into Beck’s notion that the whole point of the Obamanistas is to sink the system, whatever it takes–hit the reset button, as Beck puts it. Either these guys really are that dumb or they are like kids with dad’s credit card going into every store in the mall and buying shit they don’t even want, just because they hate dad.


One Response to Change I Can Believe In

  1. Llama John says:

    Ye gods, I hope Beck is wrong. The one thing I can say is that historically he is correct. When a group in power thinks they’re seeing their power slipping away there is instability and danger. In America, that danger is usually only political.

    Beck does to be going off the deep end a bit. The thing is there is a part of me that fears he might be right.

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