They can’t move forward until I mail it back

In the past, I’ve filled out the census as snarkily as possible, hoping against hope for a visit or call from a flunkie functionary. Never happened, sadly.

This year, I encourage everyone to resist the temptation to list their race as “Heinz 57” or “European-American” and sex as “Prick” and “Cunt.” In crayon. Just refuse outright to reply to the Census. Snark is no longer enough.

The TV campaign encourages you to fill out the census so you can get your “fair share” of government largesse. No mention or hint about its Constitutional intent. Although that has been perverted into nothing but gerrymander-fodder anyway.

The Census is technologically outmoded, as much as slavery is morally outmoded. There are innumerable ways to achieve the statistical purposes of the Census. It’s a complete waste of money, except for the duopoly chess players who use it to draw jaggedy shapes that guarantee themselves life tenure and to figure out where to open ACORN offices.

No rational human being who isn’t part of the problem has any reason to fill out the census. Except fear of the Feds.

So what about the $5,000 fine? “So what?” is exactly right.

The truth is there’s not a goddamn thing the government can or will do to you if you refuse to fill out the census. Trust me, the last thing they want to do is try to fine a loudmouth like me or you. And they don’t have current statutory authority to do it–they’re not set up to do jack shit if you refuse to play. They’ve NEVER made good on this threat yet. And the last thing they want to see is me or you on Breitbart and/or Hannity. Especially they don’t want to see me because I’m pretty articulate and housebroken in polite company, though you couldn’t tell it from this blog.

If you’re afraid to tell the Feds to go fuck themselves over something this minor, you’re not going to be much good if the shooting back starts, are you?  Think of refusing to fill out the Census as a nice, safe way to begin a fine career in civil disobedience.

And, if they really can’t move forward if you don’t mail it back, isn’t that the best reason of all?  Not sending back the census is a wish your heart makes.

UPDATE: Via Nicholas Strakon at The Last Ditch:

The (taxpayer) money the regime is spending to wheedle people to participate illustrates one thing, assuming you were in any doubt. With respect to this particular kind of government snooping, the old slogan of the Borg is reversed: RESISTANCE … IS … EASY.

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