You’re gonna pay me when I’m gone

Why are so many Democrats willing to fall on their swords this year for their zombie masters? Because they’ve been promised goodies untold after they leave office. This is how the game is now played. Ethics rules apply only while you’re still an official. Wink wink nudge nudge, speaker fees, job opportunities, locked-in clients….the family will take care of you.

But we can folllow what happens with each of these fuckers once they leave office. We can see how they are rewarded. I love the Internet.

You have to be a fat clueless old-school dumbshit like Charlie Rangel to take your graft while in office. I think it is nice though that the congressional leadership rallies to protect drooling assholeslike Charlie. They’re probably just hoping his fat ass will die before he’s indicted, but it’s still nice to see velociraptor Pelosi try to protect one of her own. It’s Jurassic Park 3 cute.

Consider that little shit Bill Cllinton who’s been doing nothing but collecting fat Arab paychecks for the last decade.  George Bush may have held sheikh whatever-the-fuck’s hand, and Barack may have bowed like the big-eared little bitch he is, but Clinton’s tongue is so far up the sheik’s ass for a few million dollars that it’s no wonder Hilary won’t kiss him. Bill Clinton’s income from the Saudis in the last decade is 10 times what the average American makes in a lifetime.

The PelosiReid zombies have imported this corruption. Instead of foreign lobbyists filling the pension coffers of cheap day-trading traitors like Clinton, the Democratic Party is now paying off congresscritters to fall on their golden parachutes.

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