May 19th is “Screw James Taranto Day”

On May 20th, there will be a “Draw a picture of Mohammed” Day to push back against Islam. Not against Islamists. Against Islam. It’s mainstream Islam that has a hissy fit against any visual depiction of their pedophile prophet.

James Taranto,  in the Wall Street Journal, recoils in … not horror, but in dhimmitude:

Why is “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” different? Because the taboo against depictions of Muhammad is not a part of America’s common culture. The taboos against flag burning, racial slurs and Holocaust denial are. The problem with the “in-your-face message” of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” is not just that it is inconsidera v te of the sensibilities of others, but that it defines those others–Muslims–as being outside of our culture, unworthy of the courtesy we readily accord to insiders. It is an unwise message to send, assuming that one does not wish to make an enemy of the entire Muslim world.

Muslims are outside our culture. “Mainstream” Muslims are more racist, sexst and homophobic than David Duke and those white supremacists up in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. If any lily white Protestant person said the shit at work that Muslims profess they’d get fired.  Any Muslims this doesn’t apply to, don’t apply it to you. And stand up next Friday in church and tell everyone that you support Matt and Trey and that anybody who enforces burkha or mistreating apostates or doesn’t defend  Salman Rushdie’s right to speak should be fatwa’ed in the ass with a chainsaw. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I feel bad for good Muslims. They’re trapped in a vile, violent culture that hides behind an American respect for barbaric beliefs that wear the fig leaf of religion.   Muslims belong to a religion that really will hurt them if they leave. In America, for every other religion than Islam, if you defect from your fucked-up religion, you’ll be just fine if you’re willing to move to a big city. Even if you don’t move to a big city, you’ll just catch a lot of shit unless you’re Muslim. Muslim and female–boy, I wish I could take out life insurance policies when you girls defect. Hey, Muslims–Let people leave and criticize without threat of violence–no, fuck that–help them, to make up a little for your past evil–or I am at war against you.

Now I’m not at war against the entire Muslim world. I’m at war against the evil bitches and bastards who enforce Muslim orthodoxy at the point of a gun or a strapped-on bomb or a kidnaped woman. Or by tacitly supporting those things. I’m against the barbarism and nihilism that is mainstream Islam. Ok, I guess I am at war with pretty much the entire Muslim world. Except those who no longer want to be Muslim. I bet there’s a hell of a lot of them.

There will be no detente between Islam and the West, but we can rescue millions who want to be airlifted out of the suffocating barbaric hell hole that is mainstream Islam.

So why am I so much on Taranto’s ass about this one misstep when he’s right 98% of the time?  Because this really matters. Islam is today’s Nazism. Muslims aren’t holocaust deniers, they’re holocuast re-triers. Muslim countries are expansionist, vicious and have fantasies of taking over the world. The only thing they understand is being beaten by a “strong horse.”

When a liberal puss advocates knuckling under it’s business as usual. But James, you’re not liberal puss! shame on you!


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