A day of prayer

Everyone says, why are you atheists so hell-bent on preventing us from just praying for a day?

Honestly, as an atheist, I don’t know. I no more care about the government endorsing a day of prayer than I do a day of rooster worship.

My question, on this last day of prayer before the Supreme Court outlaws it, is, why do you prayer guys care so much?

Why does it matter to you so much that the government signs off on this?

I know why the atheists care–they’re pissed off at you for fucking with them so much when they were growing up. They live for putting a stick in your spokes. I used to love sticking your spokes too, but I got over it, and I know why a lot of people haven’t yet gotten over it.

But, seriously, why do you Christians treat this like a celebrity deathmatch?

You have a bazillion churches. You could get more attention and observance with a private kumbaya campaign. Why is it so important to make those of us who don’t give a shit read “In God We Trust” every time we get pop tarts from a vending machine? Why do you need your ads everywhere in everyone’s faces? Including people that those ads just make more annoyed?

Is it that goddamn important to you that every goddamn knee shall goddamn kneel and every goddamn tongue shall goddamn bow?

I guess it is.

I’m starting to see the point of the pissy atheists and I’m starting to think about finding and sharpening a stick and looking for your spokes.


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