Pendejos go home!

Five teenage males wore American flag T-shirts to school on May 5th. Everyone’s arguing whether they did this as a deliberate “Fuck you!” to Mexican illegals (and perhaps to legals). 

One Latina girl who’s popped up on the news everywhere said that picking this day to wear an American flag was just like if Latinos had showed up on the 4th of July wearing Mexican flags.

And she’s right. Of course, wearing those shirts was intended as a slap. The kids and their parents are disingenuously (and on the part of the boys, smirkingly) that they had no such intent. Here’s another example of how political correctness has made us al into dishonest hypocrites, wink wink nudge nudge.

The real issue is, what the hell is wrong with Mexican immigrants that they have become so radicalized and arrogant that a display of the flag of their chosen country is an offense to them?

Those kids did everyone a big favor by flushing out the anti-America, unassimilated ideology of way too many in the Mexican American community. If you’re a Latino who doesn’t condemn La Raza (the NCLR), I mean you.  I phrased that last sentence as I did to make sure that all you people who say “…yes, but they do a lot of good too…” know that I mean you too.

I’m sick and tired of racists and supremacists and racial shakedown artists.  I don’t like the Aryan Nations guys in Idaho, the Black Muslims, Jesse Jackson or any idiot arguing for black reparations.

The stereotype of “The Ugly American” is based primarily on social faux pas and minor gaucheries. It’s how resentful foreigners transmute their envy and sense of well-deserved inferiority into snobbery.

Here, have a few facts to fuel your stereotype: There are 6 billion people living on this planet. 300 million of them are in the United States–that’s 5 percent. American music and movies dominate in every country that has electricity. Americans dominate in technical innovation in medicine, computer software and hardware, and most other cutting edge areas. The US GDP is about a quarter of the entire world GDP. The dollar has been the world reserve currency for decades (until we elected that multi-culti jackass last year–don’t worry, we’ll fix this too).  We are the world’s policeman, reluctantly. We pay out bazillions to protect Europe and Asia and keep the Middle East crazies somewhat under control and still have enough left over to buy Escalades and park them long term at airports and fly to your has-been countries and look at the stuff you haven’t been capable of creating for about a century now. How’s that for Ugly, you snotty little socialist, tribalist, welfare-statist pussies hiding under our skirts?

I’m seeing a lot of Ugly Mexicans in the streets lately. By ugly I mean, screaming, shaking fists, burning shit and providing such a clear and present possibility of immediate violence if someone dares to wear an American flag around them that a high school principle freaked out and suppressed display of the American flag to avoid a riot (didn’t work, did it?)

Knock it off you Ugly Mexicans. Seriously, you’re overplaying your hand. You’re making me feel like shrugging about the new Arizona law.


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