We better be lucky because we ain’t smart

I was watching John Brennan, Obama’s bureaucrat in charge of stopping panty bombers, on Fox News Sunday. He was blustering and sounding tough and had his talking points all down till Chris Wallace took him down effortlessly.

Brennan claims that his band of boneheads has stopped hundreds of plots and the ones that have gotten through are the tiny fraction that made it through their fine strainer.

Really? These incompetent dolts are the best that the Jihadis have thrown at us? The rest were worse and even more obvious and so you nailed them?

Of course, Brennan is a liar. The incompetence of the Jihadis is trumped only by the ideologically driven incompetence of the Obama administration. How come the frequency of these Keystone Kaeda attacks has stepped up so much on Obama’s watch? Sure, there were incidents in the Bush years, but few and far between. And in none of those cases was there such a trail of breadcrumbs as in each of Obama’s failures.

There’s no excuse for not catching the underpants bomber before he boarded the plane. Even his parents ratted him out, but Obama’s bureaucracy didn’t react. In this latest case, everyone’s giving Obama’s Keystone Kops mad props for catching this guy in 2 days. But they didn’t notice he was going back and forth to Pakistan more than a dozen times and was training in Taliban camps. And the guy almost made it out of the country because of multiple detailed leaks about the investigation that reached him on CNN.

If people like the panty bomber and this guy can strike at will, and fail only because of being demolition school dropouts, then who can the US government stop?

You know who I trust to fix this problem? Muslims. George Bush freaked them the fuck out with JDAMs and marines. While I am glad to see Obama eschewing torture in favor of  murdering lots of bad guys by clubbing them to death with Predator drones, it doesn’t have the same effect on the rest of the Muslim world. They think they’re safe from American violence. They may bitch about how when we assassinated some deserving Imam that his kids were in the car, but they know they just have to not get in the car with known assholes to be safe. We need the Muslim world to be afraid that we’re going to go Bush-crazy on them again if they don’t knock it off. Otherwise, they’ll just wink wink nudge nudge and quietly support terrorism against us because come on, admit the truth we all know–they resent and hate the USA nearly as much as American liberals do.

I thought Hilary was hilarious threatening the Paki government about what we’d do to them if the oxymoronic competent Paki ever got a bomb to not fizzle on American soil.  What she and her master in the White House got wrong is that we should be delivering on that threat now.  We should go into Wazzooristan and firebomb every single fucking village. This notion that we don’t know here Osama is or where the terrorists are is crap. Google maps has a picture of my back yard. We know exactly what we need to destroy to take them out. We should drop fliers giving them 72 hours to cough up UBL, and promising to drone-kill anyone fleeing, and then prove once again that napalm does stick to little kids. Otherwise we’re going to have to kill a lot more little Muslim kids eventually.


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