Shut the fuck up, Felipe

Felipe Calderon, the Mexican government jefe, had the chutzpah to come to the US and whine about the Arizona law. Nice–head of a failing corrupt narco-state he props up by tossing his own people across the border to try to get some foreign exchange going, is bitching at us. About human rights. And cops who racial profile and use pretexts to harass people. Think about what you think about when you think about Mexican cops. What I think about when I think about the asshat who runs Mexico is that he’s like Fredo to Ahmadinejad’s Sonny.

UPDATE: So Congress cheered when this weird little Felipe fuck was feted by the self-hating Obamanistas while telling us to leave “our” meaning his people alone. And, I didn’t see it, but it was reported, that recent Supreme Court nominee Elena “Softballs” Kagan was in the room cheering too. On an issue where she’s likely to be ruling. Maybe she just got carried away. Still…

Oh screw it…I’m not going to wait for more information. Elena Kagan is a horrible hothouse leftist doctrinaire shrew. Were she not, Obama would never have nominated her. She’s Obama’s Harriet Miers, but he’ll get away with it. We’re putting a real nutjob on the Supreme Court for the first time. Sorry, second time–Comrade Justice Sonia is a whackjob jackass too.

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