The rule of law

Arizona passed their bad law mostly to shame the federales.

Now, the federales, instead of being shamed, are saying they’ll refuse to process any illegal immigrant Arizona refers to them.

I am actually starting to see civil war in our future, because of the contempt for the rule of law that the Obamanistas repeatedly show.

They’re a bunch of hothouse flowers, completely out of touch with why people oppose them, as much as the average teenage girl is out of touch with why her parents oppose her staying out all night. Unless we wrest control from them in November 2010, they will drive this car into the wall.

We Americans, those of us who keep the country running while listening to the screechy ranting of the moral equivalent of teenage girls who infest our universities and newspapers and government, are about to use our mommy voices.

All you teenygirl Obamanista dumbasses who think that the Tea Party movement doesn’t matter–you’re about to get an Intervention and get shipped off to Outward Bound.

At least I hope so.  November or never.

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