What do you people want?

In The Atlantic this month, Michael Kinsley has a crotchety rant about how he doesn’t know what the Tea Party people want, and what they should want if they’re Patriots is to pay more taxes.

Others say the Tea Party is about angry white men. Which it mostly is. And their Angry White Wives.

Angry White Men are what keeps the world running. We put up with shit from everyone. We’re the energizer bunnies of civilization.

I’m so fucking sick and fucking tired of people acting as if accusing you of being an Angry White Man should make you cower.

I’m a proud Angry White Man.

My cause is at least as just as that of proud Angry Black Men in the ’60’s.

You better start showing me some respect. If angry white men decide they can collect unemployment and ridiculous pensions like the rest of you resentful lazy little bitches, it’s over for you. Not over for us, over for you.

Here’s what the tea party people want:

To work hard and save their money and not have it taken to rescue the lazy poor or the rich connected people who fucked up.

We’re a bunch of people who did everything right and now see that you powerful lazy fucks and your poor prole clients  who did everything wrong are sucking the blood out of us to keep your unearned lifestyles going.

We hate you. Be Afraid. You don’t want to fuck with me past a certain point.


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