June 24, 2010

I really do hate everybody today.

General McChrystal got a little drunk and a little frustrated and let a leftist douchebag listen in.

I think he deserves to be fired for this. It’s really important to assert ruthless civilian control over the military.

Of course, that’s not why Obama fired him. It was basically an un-friending. Obama didn’t do it out of principle but out of pique.

Nobody in Obama’s administration gets the principle involved.

Nobody on the left respects the rule of law or the genius of the US Constitution.

I was listening to Stephanie Miller the other morning, talking about this, and she and her callers all assumed that the right wing would rally round McChrystal. They were wrong. I switched over to Beck when they said that and he was calling for McChrystal’s head. AM 570 in Seattle, another conservative station, were also in full bay to take down McChrystal. They were saying, yeah, the substance was right, but you can’t let that undermine the principle of civilian control of the military.

This is really why I fear, loathe and hate the left: The idea that the rule of law is really important goes right over their heads. To the left, all means are justified by “Imagine” ends. Even Glenn Beck understands how important it is not to lynch the referees when your team loses. But nobody on the left gets how important sportsmanship is as a metaphor for civilization.

Leftist feminists excuse Bill Clinton taking advantage of a naive intern. They have trashed every woman their Arkansas Knight in Shining Armor raped, stuck a cigar up or ruined her dress.  They ridicule Monica and scoff at Juanita and gossip about Paula. They’re worse than those guys who cheered while Jodie Foster got raped on the pool table. I’m talking about you, everyone at MS magazine and NOW.  When your frat boy president raped your sisters, you circled the wagons and threw the victims out into the sagebrush. Gloria Steinem, you’re an evil Harry Seaward whooping it up while real women get really raped by your frat boy President crush. Seriously, Gloria Steinem is a contemptible human being. Just like most of her professional feminist harpy sisters.

In more contempt for rule of law, leftists will never admit that GWB won the 2000 election fair and square by the rules. They excoriate abuses of executive power under Bush and pray for them under Obama. They cheer Obama’s drone strikes on US citizens while mewling about Guantanomo (still open, by the way, under Obama, for how many years now?).

The Left has no principles. Seriously, they don’t. They reject principled, objective, self-disinterested thinking out of hand. That’s how white men think. The left has contempt for principles in the same way and for the same reasons that they have contempt for white men. Unlike wise Latina women, white men don’t have to self-promote their supposed wisdom. White men just git ‘er done.

Obama’s firing of McChrystal was coincidental with principle. Every now and then, a cheerleader finds an acorn. I used to give Obama every benefit of every doubt. Now, not so much.


Abby go round the world

June 17, 2010

Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old girl who tried to sail around the world and got stuck in the Indian Ocean, is the new poster child for helicopter parents everywhere.

So far, I haven’t found one other person in my life, except my wife, who doesn’t agree that Abby’s parents are horrible or negligent at best.

I think Abby’s parents are awesome.

I thought Abby’s parents might be idiots, until I found out that Abby had multiple safety devices, was GPS’ed and satellited up and even updating Facebook the whole way.  Many reasonable, intelligent precautions were taken, and THEY WORKED when she got in trouble. And I liked how they pushed back against the infantilizing moralizing morons who were scolding them.

Along with thinking that Abby’s parents are morons, most people think that Abby is a victim. They have NO CLUE what this girl thinks of herself and they don’t care.  They’re going to tar her with their victim-brush.

Abby is a hero.

Without claiming special knowledge of what Abby thinks about all this, I think she’s mad she failed and proud she tried and feels like slitting the throats of you scolds who are dissing her parents and treating her like she’s a baby when she’s faster, stronger, smarter and 1000 times more likely to survive in the wild than any of you or your deliberately-enfeebled offspring.

It doesn’t matter that Abby is 16, you idiots. She’s different from your pampered pussified 16 year old.

There are even some asshats saying that Abby’s parents must have pressured her into that boat at knife-point to get a reality show deal. These are the same kind of stupid ought-to-be-sterilized child-ruiners who can’t tell the difference between putting a 3 year old in a beauty pageant and letting a gutsy 16 year old, girl or boy, take the risks they want to take to become who they want to be. Why shouldn’t they/she get a reality show? It would be nice to see some people on a reality show I don’t want to drown in their own filthy hot tub.

Of course, the risk Abby took was somewhat above the ordinary but not that much above riding a bicycle in traffic, skateboarding, swimming without a lifeguard around and lots of other things that kids over the age of 8 ought to do. And I’ll grant that Amelia Earhart would have lived to a ripe old age had her parents clipped her wings.

So, bravo, Sunderlands! What an amazing girl you’ve got there!

And for those of you who disagree with that sentiment, you make me sick. And you make your kids sickly.

Jesus is not alright with me

June 13, 2010

I used to be a Christian. I was raised Christian.

Even when I was a Christian I didn’t much like Jesus. Of course, I didn’t know I didn’t like Jesus. It was only later that I realized I had learned nothing from Jesus that helped me make real world decisions.

Let’s start with the Beatitudes. Blessed are the…. what?

None of this makes any sense to anybody. People who think this is beautiful think anything they don’t understand is beautiful. Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall whatever, blessed are the meek for they shall whatever, blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be whatever. It’s incomprehensible crap. The only intelligible meaning you can take out of it is, Blessed are you if you suck, for you shall get revenge on all those who don’t suck. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Why?

Moving on to the parables. The reason you’re not supposed to get them is that they’re deep and spiritual, and you’re not. They’re dumb stories, many of them with pernicious meanings, none of them smarter than Aesop’s fables.

And what about the stories about Jesus: Cursing fig trees, driving honest merchants out of the temple, never doing a day’s honest work in his life, reaming industrious Martha in favor of lazy Mary, getting everyone drunk in Cana, condemning everyone to hell who didn’t believe every word he said….where’s the thread that explains Jesus? His ethical philosophy was, If someone messes with you, let them. His political philosophy was, if the government messes with you, let them. Where does Jesus defend self-respect or human rights? Where does he celebrate productivity, creativity, self-determination? Jesus taught victims how to be better doormats and gave no aid or comfort to anyone trying to make a better life. If you’re not already pathetic, Christ can’t see you.

I think it was Bertrand Russell who said that everything Jesus said that was original wasn’t good and everything he said that was good wasn’t original. Whoever said it, it’s right.

Christ was a cretin.

R.I.P(alestine) Helen Thomas

June 8, 2010

Brit Hume and his Fox News successor Brett something or other both said that they had sat near Helen Thomas in the White House press room for multiple years, listening to her like a hell broth boiling and bubbling, fulminating against Jews.

They did nothing about about it. Perhaps because they knew there was nothing to be done. Whatever.  Like all those military people who did nothing about Malik Hasan.

What if they’d sat near someone similarly raging against blacks all that time?

Britt and Brett would not have had to do anything. The entire press corp would have purged that kind of racism.

Anti-semitism is alive and thriving and mainstream among our liberal elites. Not exactly a front page story. And could it be that black people in America have a problem with Jews? I know that’s so politically incorrect to admit, but we all know it. If you can’t admit this, you probably think that blacks love Korean grocers too.

Helen Thomas is the David Duke of the White House Press Corps. Not anymore–but for years and years and nobody dealt with her, right or left.

Because racism against Jews is just all right with me, if I’ve got a government job or university tenure in America.

So much for never again.

Israeli flotilla killings

June 8, 2010

Initial reports were that the Israelis killed 11. Then they revised it to 9.


She’s my troll doll and I’ll dress her up any way I want to!

June 8, 2010

Barack Obama is a hot chick

June 5, 2010

I still can’t hate the guy. He’s so far in over his head.

Sure, he’s not just a socialist, he’s a Marxist. But everyone he’s been around in The Establishment in Chicago is also a Marxist. Obama has no idea he’s a Marxist.

More than anything else, he’s a beauty queen. Remember when that California girl started her answer about gay marriage with, Well, I don’t want to offend anyone, but this is how I was raised…

That’s Obama. He’s never thought deeply about any of this stuff that matters, but he trusts his professors to tell him what do do about economics like that hot blonde chick trusted her preacher to tell her what to think about fags getting hitched. It’s how (s)he was raised.

Sure, Obama’s smarter than your average hot chick, but that doesn’t mean he’s leveraged that intelligence–he’s still a hot chick at heart, and subject to hot chick disincentives to learn about anything except how to stay hot.

Why do I still like Obama? Because I like hot chicks.