Kirk and Blumenthal

Republican Mark Kirk is apologizing for “misstating” his military service record.

Democrat Dick Blumenthal has also been busted for padding his military resume.

Partisans on both sides are trying to get the rest of us to excuse these two asshats.

Let’s get clear here: they didn’t just exaggerate a little about stuff where they were at least in the vicinity. It’s not like John McCain saying, “Then I told that North Vietnamese fuck that his mom was really good in the sack, and he broke both my legs 3 times for saying that.”

Neither of these fatuous pricks ever had a shot fired at them in anger. Yet.

Both of these pukes told ridiculous, specific, boldfaced lies about their bravery  to make their audiences get all emotional and write checks. If either gets elected, I hope Al Qaeda goes after Chicago and Connecticut next.

I’m sorry about the 49% innocent people, but killing everyone who votes for these two is worth the collateral damage.


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