R.I.P(alestine) Helen Thomas

Brit Hume and his Fox News successor Brett something or other both said that they had sat near Helen Thomas in the White House press room for multiple years, listening to her like a hell broth boiling and bubbling, fulminating against Jews.

They did nothing about about it. Perhaps because they knew there was nothing to be done. Whatever.  Like all those military people who did nothing about Malik Hasan.

What if they’d sat near someone similarly raging against blacks all that time?

Britt and Brett would not have had to do anything. The entire press corp would have purged that kind of racism.

Anti-semitism is alive and thriving and mainstream among our liberal elites. Not exactly a front page story. And could it be that black people in America have a problem with Jews? I know that’s so politically incorrect to admit, but we all know it. If you can’t admit this, you probably think that blacks love Korean grocers too.

Barack doubles down on anti-Semitism, coming by it both racially and alma mater-ly. And we’re seeing all the other closet anti-Semites flip their bangs and say what they think in the wake of the Love Boat boarding.

Helen Thomas is the David Duke of the White House Press Corps. Not anymore–but for years and years and nobody dealt with her, right or left.

Because racism against Jews is just all right with me, if I’ve got a government job or university tenure in America.

So much for never again.

The Iranians and the Turks are about to double down on sending those boats in because all you liberal racists and terrorist-excusers pissed all over the Israelis as if lack of panache when confronted with mob violence makes the Israelis monsters.

I’m really starting to hate anti-Semites.


One Response to R.I.P(alestine) Helen Thomas

  1. Llama John says:

    Check out this article from Donald Sensing:


    You’ll sleep better at night. Really.

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